Home Travel News & Insights 4 Seasons Hotel New York Downtown Unveils Reimagined Specialty Suites Designed by Bill Rooney Studio, Inc.

4 Seasons Hotel New York Downtown Unveils Reimagined Specialty Suites Designed by Bill Rooney Studio, Inc.

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4 Seasons Hotel New York Downtown Unveils Reimagined Specialty Suites Designed by Bill Rooney Studio, Inc.

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4 Seasons Hotel New York Downtown Unveils Reimagined Specialty Suites Designed by Bill Rooney Studio, Inc.
4 Seasons Hotel New York Downtown Unveils Reimagined Specialty Suites Designed by Bill Rooney Studio, Inc.
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4 Seasons Hotel New York Downtown, situated in the heart of Tribeca, exposes 6 brand-new specialized suites created by acclaimed interior designer Bill Rooney and his group Bill Rooney Studio, Inc. The suites, consisting of Metropolis, Tribeca and The Gotham Collection, recreate a glamorous Tribeca property setting, each including a curated style honouring the workmanship and character of Downtown New York.

“Tribeca is the epicentre of New York's art, culture and style scene and is among the most lively locations of the city. As we developed our brand-new suites, it was very important for us to accept the way of life of our area to thoroughly embody the essence of its abundant heritage, culture and architectural originality,” states Thomas Carreras, General Manager of Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown. “Bill Rooney's style vision was to honour the historical roots of the area while providing an elegant and property living experience. Each suite has its own plan, attentively developed with customized and handpicked decoration that records the spirit of Tribeca to carry and immerse visitors into a genuine New York way of life.”

As one of Rooney's last interior work of arts, it was very important to Carreras to honour his memory by bringing this homage to his extraordinary profession to life. Carreras and Rooney's objective was to raise every touchpoint throughout the suites. The fascinating blend of timeless and modern style aspects enhance Rooney's customized furnishings styles. Mid-century modern-day inspired furnishings was hand chosen from famous designers, such as M.Vuillermoz Polyhedron's 1960 enchanting, mahogany polyhedron shaped bar cabinet from France, a centrepiece as visitors go into the Tribeca suite. Regional craftsmens such as Mark Albrecht, Aguirre Design and Egg Collective were tapped to curate abundant textures, colours, and completes that are layered together to show an unified mix of old and brand-new New York.

“Differentiation is not simply a name or one style component– it is a story and orchestration of aspects that resonates with every visitor with whom we engage. Our style vision for these suites contributes to and easily contrasts the existing tranquil interior architecture. The intimate visual, which is more like a house, is affected by the Tribeca art scene, positive style, the positive, vibrant spirit and vibrancy of New York City,” stated Bill Rooney in a discussion about the brand-new suite style previously this year.

No information within the suites is left unblemished. Every style aspect seems like it might be discovered in a real New Yorker's house. The modern-day art collection by manager Shashi Caudhill includes artists such as Nan Godlin's View By Night By My Window and Dovima Under the El by William Helburn. The suites are artfully curated with features to make the visitor feel right in the house. Within each suite there are retro wood video games, a Taschen library with gorgeous art, and style books, and marble catchalls and devices by Anastasio Home. The Metropolis and Tribeca suites likewise include traditional record gamers with legendary record collections from renowned New York artists for visitors to delight in as they prepare or unwind with a glass of champagne.

The suite experience rises even more by producing brand-new wellness routines for visitors to have a tranquil location to come home to after a hectic day checking out. Important Fitness consists of a Walden meditation cushion and yoga mat, while the brand-new Ceremonial Soak Experience includes bath salts by Bathorium with an affirmation card by Mindfulness by the Collective and streamlined Auteur features. Visitors can likewise relive their day or set an intent with the Five Minute Meditation Journal.

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