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AFK Journey Characters Tier List– Who is The Best?

by admin
AFK Journey Characters Tier List– Who is The Best?

AFK Journey Characters Tier List– Who is The Best?

Here is a take a look at our AFK Characters Tier List.

AFK Journey took the web by storm as quickly as it was launched. Numerous YouTubers have actually discussed how great the video game is. It came as not a surprise that the video game ended up being an immediate hit amongst fans. AFK Journey includes all the RPG aspects that players like and puts them in a wonderful world filled with perfectly developed environments. The video game likewise shines with its lineup of characters displaying some fantastic character art work with awesome information.

The characters are more than simply quite designs. Each character has a well-thought-out set of relocations and capabilities that makes them distinct. The video game has characters in 6 various factions and 6 various classes.

Update– List upgraded to consist of Florabella

Character Factions:

  • Wilder
  • Mauler
  • Lightbearer
  • Graveborn
  • Celestial
  • Hypogean

Character Classes:

  • Tank
  • Warrior
  • Marksman
  • Assistance
  • Mage
  • Rogue

Flight prices AFK Journey Characters Tier List

flight prices AFK Journey Characters Tier List - Who is The Best?

The Tier List:

  • SS– Hewynn, Rowan, Vala, Odie, Thoran, Cecia, Reinier
  • S– Koko, Bryon, Granny Dahnie, Lyca, Eironn, Korin, Scarlita, Dionel, Antandra, Smokey & & Meerky, Brutus, Carolina, Silvina, Viperian, Florabella
  • A– Arden, Temesia, Marilee, Valen, Seth, Shakir, Berial, Cassadee, Rhys, Niru, Igor
  • B– Walker, Lucius, Mirael
  • C– Parisa, Fay, Kruger, Satrana, Salazer
  • D– Kafra, Atalanta, Lumont
  • Unkown– Alsa and Soren

Given that there are a lot of characters to cover, we will be taking a look at the SS tier in this post.

Flight prices Some Notes on Some Characters

The SS tier specifies the Meta of the video game and is the very best of the very best. The S tier includes characters that are must-haves for developing an excellent group.

Hewynn– SS

flight prices AFK Journey Characters Tier List - Who is The Best?

Class: Support

Faction: Wilder

Hewynn is among the very best therapists in the video game, and for F2P gamers, she's going to be a life saver up until you get Smokey. Her whole set is based around recovery her colleagues whenever in a pinch. Her abilities, Rain Prayer and Wound Healing, both deal recovery for her group throughout a match. The abilities revitalize quickly making her colleagues practically unbreakable. Her ability, Revitalize, gets rid of any debuffs her pals might have.

Vala– SS

flight prices AFK Journey Characters Tier List - Who is The Best?

Class: Physical

Faction: Lightbearer

Vela has actually rapidly turned into one of the very best characters in the video game. When she gets to Mythic+, she has the ability to quickly solo DPS most Story and even Arena (PvP) encounters. We handled to utilize her in our compensation to get us int other leading 100 in Arena. When you get to that level, nevertheless, she begins to get countered, so you may require to consider some originalities.

Vela is terrific for PvE material, particularly Story development due to the fact that she can enormously lot above her wait. Our compensation to use her finest is as follows: Lucius, Thoran, Rowan, Smokey, Vela. For some Crystal Defence maps we tend to switch out Rowan for more AOE as Vela can have a hard time when she gets overwhelmed with targets. The Starsshard Artifact can fill this cap for you.

Rowan– SS

flight prices AFK Journey Characters Tier List - Who is The Best?

Class: Magic

Faction: Lightbearer

Rowan is a business person who brings his stall of potions to the battleground. He is likewise a therapist whose potions can assist recuperate his colleague's health, energy and armor. Rowan utilizes Fatal Greed to recuperate energy for the group. This is done by showering coins on a tile which can be gotten to recuperate energy. His ability, Smart Stall, puts down potions on the battleground at the start of a match. These can recover colleagues when taken in and as Rowan levels up, the recover perk improves.

Aix Dance assists Rowan attack opponents for 150% damage and absorb their energy. His ability, Great Bargain, brings back a potion user's health by 60% and provides an irreversible armor enthusiast versus magic attacks.

Odie– SS

flight prices AFK Journey Characters Tier List - Who is The Best?

Class: Marksman

Faction: Mauler

Odie stands apart as a terrific varied DPS character in the video game, boasting a variety of qualities that add to his efficiency. His capability to toxin opponents and perform them with specialized weapons especially shines, showing important in encounters. His capability, Corrosive Dart, does constant damage to opponents as the dart can toxin them upon getting a hit. Tripe Tap does a triple shot to a regular opponent.

The complete capacity of Odie is opened with his special weapon, which approves him the capability to provide deadly blows. When Odie utilizes Venom Surge, his typical attacks boost the power of his toxin. Hero Focus upgrades his attack and speed while in fight making him a vicious fighter.

Thoran– SS

flight prices AFK Journey Characters Tier List - Who is The Best?

Class: Physical

Faction: Graveborn

The Fallen King is the very best tank in the video game. He can handle big quantities of damage due to his high defense and make certain his group survives. Thoran's Soul Retaliation does a lots of damage and the more damage he takes while charging the attack, the more powerful it gets. Thoran's Soul Plunder assaults the opponent with the greatest health. Not just does it do damage however, it likewise drains his opponent's health. This drained pipes health is contributed to Thoran's Max health.

Thoran can likewise reanimate himself if he is eliminated in fight utilizing his ability called Resurrection. Thoran can likewise utilize Soul Pact to soak up hits for a colleague.

Cecia– SS

flight prices AFK Journey Characters Tier List - Who is The Best?

Class: Physical

Faction: Graveborn

Cecia is a Marksman in AFK Journey who can manage opponents and call forth a strong ally. She's excellent for making development in the video game. She deals continuous damage and utilizing Queen's Summon, she summons a difficult golem, Mr. Carlyle, who interrupts opponent groups. This golem ends up being a difficult tank, which is extremely practical for brand-new gamers who require a strong protector. When Mr. Carlyle's Health is above 70%, he starts Spiky Wrath at routine periods to entangle opponents within 2 tiles, paralyzing them and dealing 80% damage per second for twos. Spiky Wrath can be activated as soon as every sixes.

If Mr. Carlyle is currently on the battleground, the ability restores his Health to Max and resets the cooldown of Spiky Wrath. Ceia can even more enhance Mr. Carlyle by utilizing Earth's Offering to boost his Attack Speed.

Thorned Cluster offers both her and Mr. Carlyl penetration which can be utilized to break through opponent armor. Trial of Thorns enables Cecia to entangle an opponent with Reinforced Thorns, dealing 65% damage every 2nd and paralyzing the target for Fours. Cecia takes in Armor and Magic Resist for 1.5% every second from the knotted target by Reinforced Thorns.

Florabella– S

flight prices Florabelle AFK Journey

Class: Physical

Faction: Wilder

Florabella was the very first Character to sign up with the video game post-release, and while a few of the early numbers had her looking a little weak, she enters her own. While she will likely use up the exact same area as Cecia, a Character everybody will likely have at a much greater level. Florabella still provides an effective punch for pressing story material.

flight prices AFK Journey Characters Tier List-- Who is The Best?

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