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Ancient Ruins of Peru

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The ancient ruins of Peru remains one of the most popular tourist destinations for travelers from all of the world. Peru has a rich culture and vibrant history that spans from the pre-Inca period to the colonial era. The ancient ruins provide a fascinating insight into the past and a look into the culture that developed during that time.

Magnificent Machu Picchu:

Machu Picchu is the most prominent ancient ruin in Peru, located high in the Andes Mountains. The site was built in the fifteenth century by the Inca people, who used giant stones to create a maze of terraces, temples, and gateways. Machu Picchu is a testament to the architectural achievements of the Inca Civilization and its intricate engineering. The ample panoramas offered provide awe-inspiring views of the surrounding terrain.

Sacred Saqsaywaman:

Saqsaywaman is located in the city of Cusco and dates back to the reign of the Inca Empire. It is made up of a series of large walls and terraces constructed out of huge stones that fit together perfectly with no mortar. The site is believed to have been a fortress for the ruling Inca class, and a religious center for Inca ceremonies and sacrifices. The Inca wall is one of the most impressive sights in Peru and is a must-see for anyone visiting the area.

Must-See Ruins:

Peru has numerous ancient ruins that are well worth visiting, such as:

  • Ollantaytambo: The walled city of Ollantaytambo dates to the fifteenth century and was the location of a famous battle between the Incas and the Spanish. It features impressive stone ruins that are still present today, along with beautiful terraced gardens and narrow cobblestone streets.
  • Kuélap: Kuélap is an ancient city located in the remote mountainous region of the Amazonas. The site consists of a complex network of massive stone walls that stand up to 60 feet high. Kuélap is an amazing sight to witness and provides an impressive insight into the Inca culture.
  • Chavín de Huántar: Located near the town of Huaraz, Chavín de Huántar is a labyrinth of underground caves and temples. The site is believed to have been a religious center and the oldest civilization in the Andes, dating back to 900 B.C. The site is a must-see for anyone interested in ancient history.

The ruins of Peru are some of the most unique and spectacular sights to be seen in South America. Visiting these ancient sites can provide insight into the culture and history of the region and a look at some of the most remarkable engineering feats of the time.

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