Home Travel News & Insights Ashley & Temi Found Love at a Surprise Birthday Party! #ForeverAyodele

Ashley & Temi Found Love at a Surprise Birthday Party! #ForeverAyodele

by admin
Ashley & Temi Found Love at a Surprise Birthday Party! #ForeverAyodele

Ashley & Temi Found Love at a Surprise Birthday Party! #ForeverAyodele


Have you ever fulfilled somebody and right from that minute, you feel in one's bones that they are going to have an unique location in your life? It occurred by doing this for Ashley and Temi who are now on their permanently .

The sweeties fulfilled at a shared buddy's birthday celebration and Temi was instantly drawn to Ashley. From one amazing discussion to another, they were both persuaded that they were produced each other. Soon after their Ijaw-Yoruba trad, they sealed their love in a stunning indoor wedding event. Ashley released a beautiful radiance with her wedding event looks and Temi came through looking suave. From the early morning preparation to the event and the wedding party, it appeared that love includes unparalleled happiness. Ashley and Temi look so best together and we are very thrilled for them!

Enjoy their white wedding event images and like story listed below:


Their romance as shared by Ashley:

On the 22nd of January, 2021, I fulfilled my future partner at a surprise celebration. It was a surprise celebration for his friend and now the! best male whose sweetheart had actually welcomed me. I had weekend classes and hesitated however I went regardless. As the birthday young boy strolled in, behind him came Temi who I glanced at due to the fact that of his smile. I remained on the additional end of the kitchen area and quickly enough he came and discovered a factor to speak with me. We spoke the entire night and when it was time for me to go, he strolled me to my vehicle and he bust his popular Michael Jackson moves lol.

Ashley made an extremely beautiful bride-to-be


He took my number and texted me the extremely next day. He rapidly informed me he was not the texting type and called me right away through Facetime. From the very start, he had actually been direct and in-depth with every thing and I believe that focus, accuracy, and consistency motivated me to provide him all my attention. From our very first date on February 6th to our discussions about the future, there was no ounce of confusion. I keep in mind making jest of his Instagram page where he published a great deal of jokes, I had actually even informed my good friend I could not take him seriously and in the past too long he revealed me all he had to do with in plain sight and now here we are, strolling downs that aisle!


What's wonderful and certainly God-divine is that we desired the exact same things, disliked and enjoyed the exact same things even down to the information of our way of life. I utilized to state I lastly discovered somebody funnier than me that would constantly make me laugh. Understanding what we both desired as people prior to coming together is so type in this journey. Our coming together just permitted us to additional establish each other and construct the start of something unique, strong and God-centered.

When the entire team appears slaying!


Their romance as shared by Temi:

I was asked to sidetrack my finest good friend (now finest guy) for his surprise celebration on January 22, 2021. It had actually been a long day at work, so I was quite upset I needed to drive an hour and a half to select him up, and after that go to a hookah bar. The entire time we were at the bar, I simply kept believing “I hope there are appropriate babes at this location lol”. Sure enough, I strolled in, they turned the lights on, and everybody shrieked “Surprise !!”; My eyes right away gravitated towards a gorgeous lady in the corner of the space. It resembled paradise opened and God shone his torchlight straight on her due to the fact that she was damn near radiant that day.

Let's have a look at the dapper groom


I right away made certain I marked my area prior to anybody else stars believing the exact same thing. I waited a number of minutes and visited her and we began talking. It was history after that; We spoke the entire night, played video games, and as a part of the video game we played, she bought a product from Amazon from my phone which I might not have the ability to divulge at the minute lol. She had class early in the early morning the next day however we were both unwilling to leave. It didn't take long prior to I understood she was the one, the missing out on piece, and the tail end of the puzzle. From our discussions about God, the future, and the truth that she didn't offer lashes lol, I was practically offered on her really early.


Every among our idea processes lined up down to the kind of floor covering we would desire in a cooking area. I constantly desired a Proverbs 31 female, so I provided her a little test on it. I asked her to go through the entire verse and inform me how it associated to her as a Woman. Her responses blew me entirely away. We headed out on our very first date, and whatever appeared so natural like we had actually been dating for many years. This sensation never ever left from me as much as I attempted to prevent it lol. Till today to the splendor of God, she has actually corresponded, caring, caring, and above all God-fearing. I really thank God for the day he brought her into my life and I hope He continues to bless and grow our union according to His will IJN.


Ashley and Temi serving sweet love and charm!



Let the event start!


Here comes the stunning bride-to-be


Time to be participated holy marriage


The best kiss!


A sign of our endless love!


Signed and sealed for life!


Now Mr and Mrs!


Let's take in the charm of the reception decoration


Let the enjoyable start!


Lovebirds coming through!


The sweet mother-son monent


Daddy's little princess


Dancing into the gorgeous night


Cake as sweet as our love!


Time for the arrangement toss!


Some sweet words for the lovebirds


The after-party slay we registered for!


It's about to be a lit after-party!


It's all enjoyable from here!



Bride-to-be: @ashleykarina_
Coordinator: @etaleventsng
Bridal Stylist: @lavish_bridal
Makeup: @zainabazeez
Hairdresser: @tea_styles
Gown: @elizabethandlacebridal
After Party Dress: @betho. main
Arrangement: @floralsandyou
Photography: @lumimorgan

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