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Bahrain in the spotlight with Skander Ayari

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Bahrain in the spotlight with Skander Ayari

Bahrain in the spotlight with Skander Ayari

Vacation Bahrain's hospitality sector is progressing quickly, according to Skander Ayari, supervisor of Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay in Manama. Here, he talks about the kingdom's tourist sector and what the Four Seasons brand name is giving the marketplace.

Vacation What can you inform us about your hospitality profession?

Vacation What made you pick Four Seasons?

4 Seasons Hotels & & Resorts is a distinguished name within the hospitality service. The brand name is understood for its understanding of high-end hospitality, in addition to high service requirements. The most engaging aspect for me in signing up with Four Seasons was its people-centered principles and its incredible heritage. The organizational culture follows the principle, dealing with others as one desires to be dealt with.

Vacation You have a deep enthusiasm for gastronomy, which was cultivated throughout your research studies in France. How do you prepare to take advantage of this enthusiasm to boost the cooking offerings at Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay?

I would like to offer credit to everybody at Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay group. They are doing a wonderful task to make our visitor experience extraordinary. When it comes to our cooking offerings, we are dealing with a master strategy with the F&B handling group. We prepare to release a host of brand-new experiences, therefore strengthening our position as one of the most amazing names in Bahrain's cooking scene. This consists of whatever from pop-ups and brand-new ideas to outlets such as Byblos, our upcoming beachfront Lebanese dining establishment.

Vacation How would you explain the hospitality scene in Bahrain?

It is a bit early for me to examine the kingdom's hospitality landscape. The federal government, the MOT, and the Bahrain Tourism & & Exhibitions Authority are releasing impactful efforts. The function of which is both organization and leisure. They are producing chances in the brand-new markets, while likewise purchasing main feeder markets. Bahrain has actually currently amassed the attention of numerous global high-end hotel brand names. Hence, it makes every effort to develop itself as a must-visit local location with a varied and extremely established hospitality sector. As a hotelier, seeing this vision unfold imparts in me a good deal of optimism. With all this in mind, I believe that the very best is yet to come for Bahrain.

Vacation What patterns are preparing to execute in Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay?

We focus on producing unique dining experiences instead of being worried about particular patterns. It is a concern to take advantage of our group's knowledge to spark visitors' interest and sense of cooking experience.

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