Home Travel News & Insights Ben Spencer, a male with ataxia, a degenerative neurological condition has actually handled climbing up Mount Snowdon and dominated it to raise awareness and funds for Ataxia UK.

Ben Spencer, a male with ataxia, a degenerative neurological condition has actually handled climbing up Mount Snowdon and dominated it to raise awareness and funds for Ataxia UK.

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Ben Spencer, a male with ataxia, a degenerative neurological condition has actually handled climbing up Mount Snowdon and dominated it to raise awareness and funds for Ataxia UK.

Ben Spencer, a male with ataxia, a degenerative neurological condition has actually handled climbing up Mount Snowdon and dominated it to raise awareness and funds for Ataxia UK.

Where: Snowdonia National Park [Yr Wyddfa]

When: 14th June 2023

How: Snowdon Climb – Wheelchair and rollator walking gadget for the primary climb and after that the last push on 2 adjusted strolling sticks. – to Snowdonia on available public transportation to highlight travel companies who take special needs travel seriously.

Assistance group: 5 Volunteers

Climb up time: 16 Hours. With travel and day of rest this will be a 5-day marathon.

Ben Spencer, aka television Snapper is understood for his amazing difficulty of checking out and photographing every among the 272 stations on the London Underground network. This was a 4-month obstacle versus the time, as Ben wished to ensure he does this prior to ataxia removes his capability to stroll. Following this endeavour, Ben got considerable broadcast from organisations such as BBC and ITV and several other news outlets, in addition to having actually grown his social networks following which now consists of the similarity: TFL, The London Transport Museum, BBC Television and Radio, Euronews Travel and Transport.

This difficulty has actually acquired Ben worldwide news protection, which he utilized to raise awareness of his condition, ataxia, in addition to the requirement for enhancements in available travel within the capital and beyond. Ben felt he required to do more to raise awareness and funds for others impacted by ataxia.

Which is why on 14th June 2023, Ben has actually faced his most difficult obstacle. After numerous months of training, he chose to go up as far Mount Snowdon as possible [Yr Wyddfa]Ben has actually likewise chosen to record his to raise awareness of availability in London and beyond. Ben stated that he:”will be utilizing wheelchair available transportation consisting of a London Bus, The London Underground, the Elizabeth Line, Mainline Trains and the Snowdon Sherpa bus service to get to base camp in Wales.”

The climb day was long and tiring. Beginning at 6am and ending up simply soon prior to midnight, Ben and an assistance group of 5 took the Llanberis course, leading them to the peak of Mount Snowdon. To do this, Ben utilized a series of movement help consisting of sticks, a rollator and a wheelchair. Ben stated about the day that: It took 16.5 hours and an assistance group of 5. Utilizing my wheelchair, Veloped strolling device and adjusted strolling sticks I succeeded of Year Wyddfa, Mount Snowdon. To all individuals who have actually contributed up until now, your cash will make a big distinction to the 500 kids and 10,000 grownups in the UK with Ataxia. Let's get a remedy for Ataxia.

Ataxia is a progressive neurological condition that interrupts the messages sent out from our brains to our muscles. Not simply the muscles we utilize to move, however those we utilize to speak, listen and see. In time, individuals with Ataxia are gradually sent to prison in their own bodies, losing the tools they as soon as needed to interact with liked ones. In many cases, it impacts the heart muscle, making it hard for the heart to pump blood around the body which can result in cardiac arrest. More than 10,000 grownups and 500 kids in the UK deal with Ataxia. It is genetic, it is progressive. There is no treatment..

For his awareness and fundraising journey, Ben has actually gotten assistance from Ataxia UK. Ataxia UK CEO, Sue Millman, stated that: “the majority of people can't develop the gain access to issues for handicapped individuals when utilizing public transportation, unless they're handicapped themselves or they have actually had close contact with someone who is handicapped. The most basic journeys can end up being made complex by a couple of actions, or the absence of dropped curb.”

Ataxia UK funds research study to discover treatments and treatments and till one is discovered they provide assistance to households impacted, and seeks to enhance treatment and look after clients.

Ben's story is not simply that of 10,000+ individuals in the UK with ataxia, however all of those that deal with concerns while utilizing public transportation every day. As Sue Millman put it:”We ought to produce an available world for everyone.”

You can view the video describing Ben's fund and awareness raising efforts here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYntt-a6GHA

To learn more on Ben and his journey go to www.snowdon4ataxia.com, for more details about ataxia, see www.ataxia.org.uk, and with any press-related questions, or ask for video and stills material from the climb day, please contact Viktor Elzer 020 7582 1444 or email Ataxia UK's interactions group at: communications@ataxia.org.uk.

About ataxia:

  • Ataxia is a group of neurological conditions that interfere with the interaction in between the brain and the body; the cerebellum and our muscles. There are several kinds of ataxia that can impact individuals in a range of various methods.
  • Ataxia interrupts somebody's capability to interact: it wears down speech, vision and hearing, separating them from liked ones, good friends and society.
  • Ataxia interferes with somebody's capability to move their body in the method they want.
  • Ataxia interrupts somebody's firm; their capability to work; their self-reliance; their option; their control.
  • Ataxia interrupts every element of an individual's life. Their life itself.
  • Ataxia interrupts the heart's capability to beat.
  • Ataxia interrupts how the general public view individuals. Individuals with ataxia are typically misinterpreted as intoxicated since of their unsteady walk. When they attempt to discuss why, they are misinterpreted once again since of their slurred speech.
  • Anybody of any age can get ataxia, however specific types are more typical in particular age. Individuals with Friedreich's ataxia are typically detected in youth or teenage years.
  • Around 10,000 grownups in the UK presently deal with a kind of the condition. Ataxia UK is presently moneying research study to discover the number of kids have the condition, however it is believed there are numerous thousand.
  • Some types of ataxia are treatable, however in many cases there is still no

About Ataxia UK:

  • Ataxia UK funds research study into treatments for the condition and our supreme goal is to discover a treatment. The charity likewise supports those with ataxia through a series of services – from supplying a helpline and other info resources, to arranging occasions and regional support system.
  • For additional information on the charity's work and its other occasions go to www.ataxia.org.uk or go to the Ataxia UK Facebook page www.facebook.com/ataxiauk.
  • Please get in touch with us on twitter @AtaxiaUK
  • Many individuals with ataxia have their own sites and blog sites– links can be discovered at http://www.ataxia.org.uk/pages/local-support.html

News release dispersed by Pressat on behalf of Ataxia UK, on Wednesday 21 June, 2023. To learn more subscribe and follow https://pressat.co.uk/

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