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Biodun Da-Silva: Some Lessons from My 40-Year Life Experience

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Biodun Da-Silva: Some Lessons from My 40-Year Life Experience

Biodun Da-Silva: Some Lessons from My 40-Year Life Experience

“The through life is very important however what you find out throughout your journey is more vital.”– Dabasish Mridha

Life has an extensive method of advising us that absolutely nothing lasts permanently which time is our most important resource. 39 years earlier, I was a years of age and this year, I'll be 40. In those years, life has actually taken place to me numerous times and I've pertained to comprehend that the essence of one's life is the summation of both favorable and unfavorable experiences. How we react to these experiences eventually exposes our real character.

Life teaches us important lessons as we endure it. The more we discover, the better we end up being. As time passes, life does not always get much easier, however it can end up being more significant if we make a mindful effort to prioritise our joy, make a distinction and deal with decision and honour. The most essential thing is to have the ethical perseverance to do the best thing, even when it's the most hard choice to make. My experience makes me comprehend life's characteristics through various lenses. I have actually discovered lessons along the method and these are a few of them.

Put God very first

We can not live a satisfying life without acknowledging the presence of a supreme being who guides us towards our function. We were produced with a factor and our function can just be exposed through the will and strategy of the divine for our lives. We are simply vessels that are utilized to satisfy a function in the grand plan of things. Without our soul, we are simply a stack of flesh and without God, male is absolutely nothing.

Satisfaction is crucial

It's crucial to be pleased and content with what we have in life. While it's natural to want things that we do not have, it's irregular to focus excessive on those things and overlook what we do have. We typically believe that the lawn is greener on the other side, however we must understand that what we concentrate on grows, while the important things we disregard will diminish. It's essential to accept our existing scenario with satisfaction and hope, and think that much better days are still ahead.

Leveraging youthfulness

The days of our youth hold excellent significance in our lives and can typically identify the degree of our success. Our capability to effectively use our vibrant energy, time, and abilities, can basically identify our success or failure. This is the time we have the physical capabilities, and psychological and intellectual awareness to pursue our dreams and function.

Leveraging your presents and skills

You read this due to the fact that I put my present of composing to work. You're able to understand half of what I've composed due to the fact that my composing abilities have actually been fine-tuned for many years. A few of you stars and vocalists you appreciate have actually likewise grown throughout the years. You will see that not just have they enhanced and upgraded their abilities, however they have actually likewise grown along with their occupation. By leveraging their skill, they have actually collected both monetary and social wealth that might not have actually been possible otherwise. When you take advantage of your presents and skills, you have actually selected to live a life of ease. It might be challenging to cut through at first however with time and constant production of worth, your present will lead you to an effective end.

Accept monetary education

Financial education is essential to guarantee that the points highlighted above are not lost. Financial literacy is the understanding of how to make wise cash choices and comprehending the various methods to achieve monetary self-reliance. Cash plays a considerable function in our lives. Without it, we can not accomplish our dreams and goals, support our households, or contribute favorably to our neighborhoods. Cash provides us a voice, impact, and the capability to construct tactical relationships with crucial individuals, and we can make a substantial effect with it. Cash is the benefit for producing worth in the market. To handle and increase our cash, we need to discover and relearn how to achieve and keep it effectively and deliberately. To be effective, we should discover the essentials of monetary literacy.


Feelings are a vital part of human physiology and exist in every living being. They provide suggesting to our lives and bring joy to our hearts. Eventually in life, having a psychological connection with somebody or something is important for our general wellness. At the end of the day, what we did or didn't do can not be reversed. It's essential to live with objective every day to prevent any remorses or waste of time. Keep in mind, life is too brief to reside in remorse. Live and discover as you go through this journey called life.

Function Image by Jennifer Enujiugha for Pexels

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