Home Travel News & Insights “Cars Can’t Move Here”: Man Who Got New Job Devastated as He Enters Boat to Workplace, Video Trends

“Cars Can’t Move Here”: Man Who Got New Job Devastated as He Enters Boat to Workplace, Video Trends

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“Cars Can’t Move Here”: Man Who Got New Job Devastated as He Enters Boat to Workplace, Video Trends

“Cars Can't Move Here”: Man Who Got New Job Devastated as He Enters Boat to Workplace, Video Trends

  • A young Nigerian male has actually shared an amusing video stating his very first day at a moving and bureau
  • The intern's to work was filled with unforeseen twists and humorous incidents that kept individuals in stitches
  • While publishing the video by means of his main account, he hoped that he would not get sacked for sharing his experience

A Nigerian male, Tobe Ugeh, has actually gone viral after sharing his work experience with netizens.

He exposed that his journey to work took an unforeseen turn when he came across a chauffeur with ended documents.

flight prices Funny video as male gets in boat to brand-new work environment Photo credit: @tobeszn/ Instagram.Guy gets in boat to brand-new office
Image credit: @tobeszn/ Instagram.Source: TikTok

Undeterred, the intern browsed through flooded locations utilizing a boat, ultimately reaching a part of Lagos where buses were not available, resulting in a long trek.

Regardless of looking for instructions to his office, Tobe dealt with obstacles as individuals disregarded his questions.

A practical specific reacted, however in a language the intern didn't comprehend– French.

Flight prices Tobe discovers work environment after browsing through boat

Turning To Google Maps, Tobe ultimately discovered the little workplace he was trying to find, just to find that the firm focused on moving to Cotonou or Cameroon not London.

Tobe's colleagues acknowledged him from Instagram and encouraged versus making videos. After work, the intern tried to protect a trip home, however the chauffeur required a significant amount for fuel.

Going with the very same non-traditional transport, Tobe ended up being more knowledgeable at paddling and even got a life vest for the journey back.

In his words;

“I got another task and this time interning at a moving and travel bureau and perhaps I will simply japa from here. I keep in mind recently I was so unfortunate since I lost my very first task today I'm so delighted.

“The finest part is they didn't even interview me they stated I need to simply resume instantly. On my method to work, Road security and I informed him do not stress I will defend you. Do not you understand me Lawyer. This wicked chauffeur did not inform me that he has actually not restored his documents given that 2010.

“This workplace was far and I called the HR number however they stated I must keep going that I will see little flood that when I see the flood I will understand that I'm close however the bus I'm in may not consent to pass, see me believing that I will utilize KeKe, however what we utilized was boat, this is not even a boat it's fence.

“The guy was even stating that I ought to paddle quickly. We got to part of Lagos there were no buses any longer just travelling. I called the HR. The lady stated I need to keep coming. I kept attempting to ask individuals for instructions, however no one was responding me they lastly someone responded me, and the individual was speaking French. I may not be the most intelligent individual however I understand the individual was speaking French.

“I opened my Google map and it was informing me 7 minutes far from Seme border. After travelling like an Israelite, I lastly discovered the workplace they were speaking about. It was so little. What these individuals didn't inform me is that they deal with moving to Cotonou not London to Cotonou or Cameroon that's why they're so dammn near the border. Among my colleagues stated he understands me from Instagram that I must not make any videos.

“When we closed I asked this male, if he might drop me, he stated that I will provide him cash for fuel. I asked him just how much and he stated N10k. I stated ah! Just how much is the entire wage. Anyhow the very same method I came was the very same method I left. Infact I improved at paddling and they offered me life vest.”

Flight prices Netizens respond to video of male paddling boat to work

Netizens completely delighted in Tobe's video, discovering the intern's humorous travel accidents extremely amusing.

@francestheodore responded:

“Tobeee where did you get this match. it's providing major Nigerian youth searching for task.”

@neo_akpofure stated:

“The mayhem in this video alone.”

@_zadd_y stated:

“Imagine paddling in your fit.”

@L_am_vivianne commented:

“Just be remaining at the workplace and go home on weekends boos.”

@kanagajnr stated:

“Bro do not fuckn eliminate me.”

@nimiie_ responded:

“It's the enjoyment in I got another task.”

@daalaoruwari stated:

“Chaos is a ladder.”

@vivianjackson_ responded:

“Tobe sha hope you understand how to swim, one day it will be required.”

Enjoy the video listed below:

Flight prices Male constructs boat for kids to paddle to school

THETALK.NG formerly reported that a boy recognized as Noah Shemede, who just recently constructed a complimentary school, has actually accomplished another applaudable accomplishment. In an interview with LegitTV, the boy exposed that he is the very first individual to develop a totally free school boat to transfer kids to school in the Makoko location of Lagos State.

Given that the neighborhood lies in a riverine location, kids have problem going to school. Noah discovered the condition of the kids and chose to construct a boat which would be communicating them to and fro. When asked what motivated him to do such a terrific thing for the kids, Noah stated he thinks in education and kids's future. He stated no matter how a kid may look, she or he can end up being the president tomorrow.

According to him, all kids are worthy of sound education no matter where they live, hence his factor for constructing a boat is to sustain that kids go to school. He identified the requirement for kids to be able to transfer to school quickly in the neighborhood; hence, he released a school boat that can communicate approximately thirty kids at a time.


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