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Catholic priest diəs after investing night with female in a hotel

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Catholic priest diəs after investing night with female in a hotel

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The authorities in Nairobi have actually apparently introduced an examination into the death of a Catholic priest who died soon after exploring an accommodations center with his sweetheart.

The deceased, determined as Joseph Kariuki Wanjikua 43-year-old priest from St. Peters Ruai, apparently checked out the Monalisa Delview in Gatanga on Friday, July 8, 2023, accompanied by a 32-year-old female.

According to an authorities report, the priest all of a sudden experienced lightheadedness, triggering his buddy to look for help from the hotel management.

Consequently, he was urgently required to Kenol Hospital in Murang'a, however regrettably, he was noticable dead upon arrival at the healthcare facility.

The nature of his death has actually raised suspicions, leading the authorities to start an examination into the situations surrounding the event.

The cops report checked out in part,

“One Joseph Kariuki Wanjiku aged 43yrs old, a Catholic priest at Archdiocese of Nairobi and a farmer at Mangu location signed in at the stated hotel together with his sweetheart who likewise takes place to be his associate at the office in Ruai.

“Then, today (Saturday) at around 0800hrs, the priest's sweetheart alerted the hotel management that the sweetheart was lightheaded and getting unconscious so that they might hurry him to the health center. They then hurried him to Kenol Hospital where he was noticable dead on arrival.”

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