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Cork TikTok star Jack Ring: Meet the Ballincollig male living a life of experience and travel

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Cork TikTok star Jack Ring: Meet the Ballincollig male living a life of experience and travel

Cork TikTok star Jack Ring: Meet the Ballincollig male living a life of experience and travel

Everybody has actually had minutes where they fantasised about considerably altering their lives, however very few people are brave enough, or, as some individuals may recommend, insane enough, to make the enormous modifications required to entirely modify our truth.

Perhaps you have actually considered loading a rucksack and leaving your existing life behind, beginning a brand-new one where awakening on a warm, deserted beach to see the daybreak is a routine event. No alarm going off at 6am; no day-to-day grind; no jam-packed commute to a task that underwhelms you. Would you load it as much as live that nomadic dream?

Meet Jack Ring, called @FleetwoodJacko to his countless TikTok fans.

Jack Ring was raised by his mom and auntie in Ballincollig, Co Cork. At the childhood of 28, he is currently a veteran world traveler, having actually left house at first for a brief in Canada in 2019, however still taking a trip almost 5 years later on.

Jack has actually funded his life by ending up being a digital wanderer. As his interest in taking a trip to various nations and learning more about brand-new cultures grew, so did his TikTok and Instagram accounts.

Quick forward to today, and @FleetwoodJacko has actually accumulated over 675,000 fans on Tiktok and over 200k on Instagram, with his devoted fans enjoying, and no doubt living vicariously through his energising, amusing, and action-packed videos.

One minute he's broke, operating in a hostel in Hawaii, next he's hitchhiking to Panama on the back of a dodgy truck. He's snorkelling with sea lions in the Galapagos Islands, then surfing the waves in warm South Africa. He's capitivating, extremely simple on the eye, and even brings his Irish mammy on a or 2.

Jack was not eager on school. “I missed out on a great deal of school; I simply didn't fit academic community at all,” he states, sounding a bit guilty about it. As a trainee in Coláiste Choilm, he discovered it a battle to complete his Leaving Certificate, however he handled it, and when all his pals went on to college, it appeared the natural option for him too.

flights Jack Ring: Surf's up in the North Shore of Hawaii, for the budding trainer
Jack Ring: Surf's up in the North Shore of Hawaii, for the budding trainer

A couple of months into his course in Rec and Leisure in (the then) CIT, without any concept what he truly wished to finish with his life, he left. He wished to please his mom by going to college, however “even when individuals were asking me what I was doing, I understood on some much deeper level there was something else for me”.

“I felt in one's bones college wasn't the best fit.”

He got a task in a bar and hoped things would work themselves out. With his uncle's assistance, he began an apprenticeship as an electrical contractor, however, much to his mom's discouragement, it wasn't a terrific experience. After 2 years, he left disillusioned and a lot more not sure about his future.

He was feeling pressure since all his good friends were finishing their degrees and following their profession courses at this phase, while he felt he was wandering.

This was most likely the most affordable point for me. I was 22, had no task, no profession strategy, and all my good friends appeared to be carrying on with their lives. As I recall now, I didn't have anything opting for me actually, most likely consuming frequently, my psychological health was at its worst and I simply got myself into a rut.

Probably, there is a great deal of pressure on Irish 17 and 18-year-old school leavers to hurry into a profession course without truly seeing any of the world, and Jack was feeling that pressure.

“I do not wish to think of what my life would resemble if I didn't look for another method,” he states.

In 2019 a pal welcomed him to invest the summertime in Canada, which preliminary journey set him on an experience that's still continuous, 5 years later on.

“I understood after my very first day in Canada that I wasn't going to return house. I simply felt so sure.”

It remained in Canada, late one night, while consuming with his good friend, that Jack published his very first TikTok video. He was 23, so it was simply an enjoyable video about heading out and consuming excessive, however exceptionally, it was seen countless times.

“I could not think it. We were simply joking around, and all these individuals were viewing and requesting more, so it appeared like a fantastic method to engage with individuals and simply have a good time. I wasn't thinking of earning money at all at the start.”

As he settled into his brand-new life, snowboarding by day and working as a barman in a high-end ski resort at nights, he was continuously fulfilling brand-new pals at every turn, and as his life developed, so did the material of his videos.

There were more sincere chats to video camera, more truthful, transparent videos about wishing to consume less, and commemorate living in the minute, seeing gorgeous daybreaks and sundowns, and individuals were enthralled. He still wasn't making any cash from his online videos however his fans were growing by the thousands.

flights Jack Ring was picked as Mr January
Jack Ring was picked as Mr January

He's method too shy to confess himself, however it needs to be stated that Jack is beyond good-looking, however it's his sincere, thick and lilting Cork accent that provides credibility to him, making him a lot more than simply another beautiful face on TikTok. His appearances have actually been useful just recently, as he appeared in a male design calendar in Hawaii. He chuckles and is extremely ashamed when I raise ‘Mr January'.

“Oh God, that was so random. I was surfing on the beach, had my hair down, and this person added to me, asking if I ‘d remain in this calendar of Hawaiian guys for some business or other. He informed me I ‘d make money, and as I was broke, with actually a number of dollars in my account at the time, I believed, ‘Why not'? It was amusing due to the fact that I attempted the entire time not to talk excessive due to the fact that my accent definitely didn't sound regional.

“I would have believed modelling was a simple gig prior to that day, and now I have substantial regard for designs. The professional photographer was informing me, Eyes down, shoulders back, mouth open'. God, I was puzzled by the end of it.”

Much to the amusement of his good friends and his happy mom back in Cork, he ended up being Men of Hawaii's ‘Mr January'.

Mentioning his Irish mammy, Jack got much more fans when he brought his mom on a journey and shared her experiences in his stories. “As any mom would be, she was really concerned about me taking a trip at the start.”

She came to Hawaii to invest Christmas with him in 2021. “She's so cool. She simply got stuck in, sleeping on a couch a number of nights, and generally simply falling under the life I was living. They are a few of the very best times of my life, sharing minutes like that with my mam. She returned for another journey, going round America too. One night she needed to sleep on a sofa with me. We slept opposite ends and she needed to handle my huge feet in her face the entire night.”

After Hawaii, he went to the Galapagos Islands, and this is where his TikTok exploded.

“If you utilize a tune over a video, you get cash for playing the tune. It's fantastic. I began making numerous dollars without jeopardizing any of my material, simply utilizing tunes I enjoyed. Tune promos truly conserved me in South America. I just began entering into top quality advertising things much later on.”

He then went to Peru (inadvertently checking out throughout covid); Ecuador followed where he had a couple of hairy experiences consisting of one where he was practically robbed at knifepoint however handled to get away thanks to the fast thinking about a kind regional. It's likewise where he had his very first ayahuasca experience (the native hallucinogenic drug utilized for medical functions by native people for centuries).

flights Jack Ring surveys the area at a sandboarding meetup
Jack Ring surveys the area at a sandboarding meetup

That experience informed him he required to go to Africa, so for the very first time, he began to hatch a strategy to get himself there.

He went the long method about going there obviously, which included going to Columbia to Panama by means of a five-day boat journey. Jack landed simply as the demonstrations remained in full speed in Panama, so he cut things short, hitchhiking along the closed highways, depending on the compassion of complete strangers, of whom he states there were lots of.

“There are a lot of stories about a few of these South American nations, however truthfully, I satisfied a few of the kindest individuals there who were so ready to assist me. These individuals were looking for a much better life, taking a trip out of requirement, and here I was, doing it for enjoyable.

“The individuals I fulfilled, informing me their stories of difficulty, simply made me acutely knowledgeable about my advantage. Fulfilling those lads was among the most essential things that occurred to me and got me considering how I might make a distinction.”

He's plainly still moved, informing me about the difficulties and injuries those guys suffered.

El Salvador and Honduras followed, hitchhiking and freediving his method cross nation. He then went to Texas and took a trip all the southern states in a bus with 6 other visitors, a few of whom he had actually fulfilled formerly on his South American journeys and some he had actually simply satisfied in the United States.

“The bonds you make with individuals on the roadway are fantastic. One woman and her partner chose us up hitching, she's pregnant now and has actually asked me to be the godfather to her kid. It's insane to believe we simply fulfilled hitchhiking, however investing all that time in the restricted area of a cars and truck speaking about whatever and anything. It's a fantastic method to actually be familiar with somebody”.

He didn't remain too long in the States. “America was way more costly than anywhere I was living previously, so I required to consider funding my journey to Africa.

“I returned to Hawaii to get some standard things arranged. I operated in the hostel, and did some item positioning with brand names and conserved for the journey.”

Previously this year he showed up in South Africa.

Regardless of his substantial on line following, Jack does not call himself an influencer. He informs brand-new individuals he fulfills that he operates in hostels, a lot more modest method. He informs me he likes to blaze his own path on social networks.

“I wish to make my cash by doing something genuine. I ‘d never ever simply money in since I have loads of fans. In addition to getting numerous browse and diving certs through my year taking a trip, I likewise discovered videography and got respectable at modifying.

“I shot a video for the very first hostel I remained in Africa which overcame 100,000 views so the owner put me in touch with great deals of other hostels, which's my method of spending for my lodging. South Africa is such an incredible location, I enjoyed to be assisting the tourist market recuperate after covid struck them so hard.”

flights Jack Ring: I'm beginning to make videos of inspiring individuals who I've fulfilled on my journeys and have participations in NGOs
Jack Ring: I'm beginning to make videos of inspiring individuals who I've fulfilled on my journeys and have participations in NGOs

Jack is now getting included with charity work. He informs me his conference with the Venezuelan guys actually set off something in him.

“I'm beginning to make videos of inspiring individuals who I've fulfilled on my journeys and have participations in NGOs. I wish to establish links to the videos so individuals can contribute to the various NGOs. That's all motivated by my mom who established an NGO in Cork years back.”

He's likewise putting his brand-new ability to utilize by establishing his own browse school: Travellers Surf Camp, and he's enjoyed inform me his very first one has actually currently offered out this October 2023. More will follow.

Throughout our chat, he discusses numerous relationships, women he invested journeys with occasionally, names of women he took a trip with, and one who he attempted a long-distance relationship with, however it didn't exercise.

I get the sensation he ‘d be a tough one to connect down, with lots of various tasks on the go and perhaps not prepared to dedicate to a full-on relationship simply.

“I've fulfilled a lot of wonderful good friends on my journeys and perhaps 90% of my pals now are ladies. I didn't understand there are many solo female tourists out there and they are all so excellent to agree.

“It's been a dazzling part of my journey, fulfilling all these strong ladies along the method, kinda like my mother.”

  • You can follow Jack's experiences on TikTok, @fleetwoodjack0

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