Home Travel News & Insights Drycleaning Take Higher Flight In Nigeria As Adebayo Births FPDA

Drycleaning Take Higher Flight In Nigeria As Adebayo Births FPDA

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Drycleaning Take Higher Flight In Nigeria As Adebayo Births FPDA

Drycleaning Take Higher Flight In Nigeria As Adebayo Births FPDA

“Necessity”, as typically stated, “is the mom of creation”. This agelong axiom played itself out in Lagos on Thursday, May 18, 2023, when Mr. Eniibukun Adebayo, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of CleanAce Drycleaners, led a host of other sky-bound laundry and drycleaning attire in Nigeria to the LG-Electronics-sponsored grand authorities launch of the Fabricare Professional and Drycleaners Association (FPDA).

This newborn teamed-up, according to the consentaneous expression of the all-enthusiastic stakeholders, is out to guarantee that henceforth, the overall fulfillment of consumers is ensured even at the business level and after that to supply a main criteria for the appropriate and sustainable operation of gamers in the market cognisant of international basic practices.

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The Godly-minded, public-spirited dry cleaner took Daily Independent online on a three-decade individual background trip of what motivated the facility of CleanAce Drycleaners.

According to Adebayo, business of laundry and drycleaning is a public-service endeavour that runs in his paternal genealogical tree.

He explained himself as a 3rd generational dry cleaner, considered that his grandpa and his direct dad (Adebayo) enjoyed the standard laundry endaevour, a side-occupation then for the household in the spirit of service to humankind.

According to him, his daddy ran a homegrown Laundromat and Drycleaning service wherefrom Eniibukun gathered large experience in the traditional, manual laundry company to a level such that even when he ultimately acquired admission into the university, his daddy was at first unwilling to enable him to go, considered that he (Eniibukun) had actually acquired a lot knowledge in the practice and management of laundry that his dad had actually reposed outright rely on him to keep driving the clothing as a successful company that it had actually ended up being under his thorough and sensible watch as unique from other employees in the utilize of his dad.

Long story short, Eniibukun, divinely directed, had the ability to persuade his daddy to enable him honour the university admission.

Contributed to the periodic useful experience amassed through the 4 years invested at the university, Mr. Adebayo, today is not just a well-traveled found out laundry and dry cleansing business owner however likewise by God's grace, a highly regarded and well-sought fitness instructor and company of an excellent variety of other coaches and mentees in the market.

It is explanatory to state, at this point, that his animal company, CleanAce Drycleaners, established in 2005, is the very first ISO 90012:2015 Certified Drycleaner in the whole Africa.

The graduate of Economics and an alumnus of the prominent Lagos Business School is insistently devoted to the pursuit of “Piloting CleanAce Drycleaners to ending up being Africa's Cleaning Industry Leader”

The greatly passed through company executive stated: “My operate in speaking with in the drycleaning organization endeavor has actually simply started today. I will not leave the market as I fulfilled it. No, I should make it far better than I satisfied it”; Adebayo excited.

Eniibukun Adebayo is a personified testament of household peace, unity and outright trust.

Stakeholders who spoke at the launch of the Fabricare Professional and Drycleaners Association (FPDA) all complained the severe conditions under which organizations are required to run in Nigeria.

Such unconducive conditions consist of policy summersault (policy disparities from one federal government to the other); severe power lack (where it is readily available at all) excruciating, yet constantly increasing expenses of power plants, diesel, fuel, equipment and other associated however unrebated expenses.

The worst of all is the threat of several tax as enforced by all tiers of the federal government.

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