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Evaluation: The finest travel video camera for each kind of professional photographer

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Evaluation: The finest travel video camera for each kind of professional photographer

Evaluation: The finest travel video camera for each kind of professional photographer

Vacation Introduction

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Taking a trip isn't almost the location. Continue is our series dedicated to how we escape in the digital age, from the options we make to the experiences we share.

UPDATE: Aug. 8, 2023, 5:00 a.m. EDT This guide has actually been upgraded to show Mashable's most current hands-on screening.

We reside in an age of over-sharing, however the very best cams do so far more than assist you publish your experiences on Instagram, Youtube, or TikTok. Travel video cameras can likewise assist you freeze minutes in time so that you always remember your preferred travel experiences. Travel photography can be an excellent method to record images of your enjoyed ones at their happiest, and you might reflect on these images years in the future.

Naturally, the very best travel cam must be utilized to flaunt your experiences on social networks– we never ever stated over-sharing was bad.

The very best cams for travel make it simple to take photos without overstuffing your luggage. While there are lots of devices for travel photography, contemporary travel cams are light-weight, compact, and easy to use.

As anybody who's needed to rest on their luggage to close it would understand, you require to conserve every square inch you can when packaging. You ought to constantly make certain you have the basics, however no one wishes to need to toss things away at the airport gate since their bag is obese.

Unless you're an expert YouTuber or National Geographic professional photographer, possibilities are you do not wish to carry around a durable design, or a mirrorless video camera that needs 5 various lens for each topic. If you're not part of a cam team taking a trip for work, a delicate cam that needs mindful packaging and mild handling most likely isn't worth the difficulty.

For you, Mashable is on the case, and we've been hectic investigating, screening, and evaluating travel video cameras. When selecting the very best travel electronic camera for each kind of professional photographer– whether you're a novice, photography specialist, action-adventurer, or material developer– we searched for user friendly and easy-to-pack electronic cameras that will not get in your method.

Vacation Should you bring a travel cam at all?

If you clicked this short article, you're most likely preparation to. Take a minute to consider your phone video camera– if you have a brand-new mobile phone, it most likely comes geared up with an electronic camera that has powerful photography capabilities of its own. The latest flagship mobile phones have some totally futuristic photography abilities. We're not even impressed by the iPhone's capability to shoot in 4K any longer. Provide us advanced lowlight photography from Pixel phones, the Samsung Galaxy's well-known ultra-zoom lens, or the Xiaomi smart device with Leica electronic cameras.

If you currently have the newest iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or Xiaomi design, is there any factor to bring an additional electronic camera rather of simply snapping pictures with that?

Well, it depends. For proficient professional photographers, even the very best smart device video cameras can't compare to a mirrorless video camera from Sony or Leica. For everybody else, there are still great deals of factors to update to the very best travel video cameras.

Are you going someplace beachy and wish to take cool undersea pictures without stressing over water damage? Is this a ski or something active that needs image stabilization and 4K HDR video? Or would you simply rather keep your phone safe in your bag at all times, so that you do not inadvertently drop it while taking images? For all of the above, the very best video camera for travel will surpass your smart device video camera.

Whatever the factor (even if it's simply much better quality photos for the ‘gram), if you wish to load the very best electronic camera for travel, you ought to examine your alternatives based upon the following:

Vacation Technical Considerations:

  • Size/Weight: There's no indicate buying an expert design that does not suit your luggage. Ensure that your option isn't so large that you do not wind up leave your cam and lens in the house.

  • Image Quality: Anybody can snap a blurred photo of the Eiffel Tower, however you desire a crystal-clear and absolutely distinct image to keep in mind your journey. An electronic camera's sensing unit size will be the most significant element on general image quality (more on this listed below).

  • Zoom Range: Regardless of enormous advances in smart device video camera innovation, this is still one location in which most mobile phones fail. For close-up photography, you'll require cams geared up with zoom lenses.

  • Shooting Modes: Flexibility is among the other advantages of lugging around a video camera– from drones that will offer you aerial shots to vlogging electronic cameras for video quality, various gadgets use various benefits over your basic phone camera.

  • Rate: Above all, do not acquire anything beyond your methods. For this guide, we've prevented $5,000 Lecia cams, as these can be dangerous to take a trip with unless you're an expert photographer.

Vacation What's the distinction in between DSLR and mirrorless cams?

When looking for the very best travel video cameras of 2023, we wished to consist of the most typical kinds of travel video cameras: mirrorless cams, DSLR electronic cameras, action video cameras, and drones. (We likewise chose to consist of a smart device for great step.) What type of cam is best for your requirements? Action video cameras, drones, and smart devices are quite obvious, so what's the distinction in between DSLR and mirrorless video cameras? And what cam is finest for travel photography?

For a long period of time, DSLR cams were the gold requirement for premium digital electronic cameras. They offer professional-level photo quality and advanced functions for skilled professional photographers. DSLR means digital single-lens reflex electronic camera. In this kind of cam, light going through the lens bounces off a mirror into a standard viewfinder. Even the very best DSLR video camera for travel will be bigger in size compared to point-and-shoot and mirrorless video cameras, and this can be a concern when taking a trip.

vacation 2 individuals sightseeing in sunglasses, among them bring a cam round their neck

Do not forget a journey you paid $$$ to go on.
Credit: George Pak/ Pexels

Mirrorless video cameras do not have a mirror, and therefore do not have a conventional viewfinder (although they generally have a digital viewfinder). For this factor, mirrorless cams are lighter and more compact than DSLR video cameras, which likewise make them more travel-friendly. Since of the digital viewfinder, mirrorless electronic cameras typically have a much shorter battery life compared to a DSLR.

You can take similarly terrific images with both a mirrorless and DSLR video camera. Since mirrorless video cameras are more recent (and more stylish), much of the very best brand-new video cameras fall under this classification. DSLR cams are typically much more budget-friendly.

Vacation The specifications to try to find in the very best travel electronic cameras:

To choose the very best cam for travel, you'll require a fundamental understanding of some photography terms and video camera specs. You might invest a life time mastering the art or photography, however prior to purchasing an electronic camera, make the effort to acquaint yourself with the following terms.

Megapixels: The system itself (MP) signifies one million (” mega-“) pixels, which basically explains the information of your images. You can have a lot of megapixels, depending upon your function– Instagram, for instance, immediately scales down overlarge images to 1.2 MP.

Image File Format: This describes the image formats supported by the video camera. Normally, this includes.jpeg and raw image files. A cam with easy-to-access image files is an underrated function. This can be crucial if you're taking a trip for a long period of time and wish to have the ability to access your images externally from your video camera ASAP. Make certain you can open and, if essential, modify images on your laptop computer or perhaps phone (an adapter or external card reader will normally be required too).

Sensing unit: A cam's sensing unit has a substantial effect on general image quality, which is why sensing unit size is the primary spec expert photographers take a look at. Larger sensing units have more pixels, which suggests much better low-light and vibrant efficiency in addition to minimized sound. Smaller sized sensing units have a much better zoom variety and are both lighter and more affordable. DSLR and mirrorless electronic cameras generally have full-frame (~ 36mm large) or APS-C (22.3-23.6 mm broad) sensing units, while compact electronic cameras have 1-inch (13.2 mm broad) sensing units. The iPhone 11 has a 1/2.55″ sensing unit, for contrast, which will provide you 12MP images. For a more in-depth guide to sensing unit sizes, take a look at this graphic.

vacation illustration revealing cams with sensing unit size and measurements highlighted

Typical kinds of video cameras and their sensing units.
Credit: iStock/ Getty Images Plus/ estherpoon

Lens: Pro professional photographers will rattle off information about the makers and products of electronic camera lenses, however what you truly require to understand is mainly simply aperture and focal length. While names like the “Nikon AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8 E ED VR” look daunting, they truly simply boil down to calling conventions that note brand name, lens type/size, focal length, optimum aperture, and various information (” VR” here stands for vibration decrease) in that order.

Focal length represents zoom, and aperture is just how much light the lens allows, which impacts direct exposure and depth of field. Zoom is relatively uncomplicated– some lens have varieties, while others have actually a repaired focal length, so you'll need to transfer to get your topic in frame. Aperture, on the other hand, is determined in portions. A smaller sized aperture, state of f/11, offers you less background blur (like, the reverse of picture mode), aka more depth of field, and a darker image. Bigger apertures– f/2.8 is quite basic– will provide you a really concentrated impact with great deals of light.

Constant Shooting Speed (Video Mode): Determined in fps– that is, frames per 2nd– this number is what you take a look at if you require your video camera to be efficient in fast shots for action scenes. The greater the frame-rate, the smoother and clearer the action.

Max Video Resolution: This one is primarily for those individuals who wish to modify an emphasize reel of their journeys, or vlog their journey. Otherwise, common 1080p will do simply great for many functions– you do not require to spend lavishly on 4k unless you wish to crop video footage while maintaining the quality (and you actually do not require 8k unless you're a filmmaker).

While this sounds frustrating (and it absolutely can be, to be truthful), if you aren't fussed about specifications, our list listed below provides a fast breakdown of what each video camera benefits, considering all its functions. On the other hand, if you have a really particular lens key in mind or simply wish to completely comprehend your purchase prior to dedicating, have a look at the noted specifications and how they compare.

With all this in mind, we've collected the very best cams for travel listed below. Our leading suggestions were hands-on checked by the Mashable group, and we've consisted of some extra alternatives so that you can discover the very best travel video camera for your specific requirements.

This guide is tailored more towards photography newbies than pros, so we've preferred cams that are more inexpensive and newbie friendly. And to make certain they take a trip well, we've focused on electronic cameras that are resilient, light-weight, and compact.

Our Pick

vacation close-up view of individual holding the fujifilm x100v video camera

The Fujifilm X100V was initially launched in 2020, however in 2023, it's still among the most popular mirrorless video cameras worldwide. The Fujifilm X100V has a cult-following amongst photography geeks, and it's popular for shooting professional-quality pictures that will make it look like you're shooting on a $5,000 mirrorless electronic camera.

Fujifilm sent out the X100V to Mashable for screening, and it surpassed our extremely high expectations. If you're a professional photographer, then you'll geek out over the 35mm comparable lens and vintage-style body (when utilizing the X100V, it was often misinterpreted for a movie video camera). If you're less skilled worldwide of photography, you'll still have the ability to catch images with unbelievable color and information. We had the ability to develop stunning landscape and picture pictures utilizing just the video camera's automobile settings. Since this cam is so popular, there are heaps of user guides and how-to video tutorials on Youtube, and you can quickly discover JPEG dishes to assist you record I-can' t-believe-these-are-unedited pictures.

What makes the Fujifilm X100V among the very best mirrorless cams for travel in specific? Due to the fact that of it's compact size and fixed-lens, it's exceptionally simple to load and carry, and you will not discover a more compact travel video camera at this comparable quality or rate anywhere.

Exist any noteworthy disadvantages? Just a few. If you're shooting 4K video, there's no integrated image stabilization. Pro-level professional photographers might likewise discover the car settings, fixed-lens, and absence of zoom restricting. In other words, the exact same functions that make it an outstanding cam for the typical professional photographer make it rather restricting for experts. Still, if you desire a compact travel video camera that can develop spectacular photos, then attempt and locate the Fujifilm X100V.

The Good

The Bad


vacation Black electronic camera

Water resistant, dust-proof, shock-proof, crush-proof, freeze-proof, and fog-proof, this point-and-shoot cam may simply outlast you. Pass it down to your kids or something, due to the fact that the Olympus Tough TG-6 will last through numerous an experience. Not just is this digital video camera as durable as they come, however it's likewise got a variable macro system, so you can take closeup shots in hd. User evaluations rave about its capability to catch the tiniest information on a flower petal.

One possible downside is battery life– in theory it's expected to be able to take 340 shots prior to requiring to be charged, however GPS and wifi abilities cut into that number, and some users have actually discovered that it's essential to take a power count on journeys (fortunately, it's simple to charge through USB cable television). Optimum tape-recording time on a video is likewise simply 20 seconds, so this is a video camera created mainly for fast photos. With a high constant shooting speed, it's much better for sports and action shots than lots of DSLR and mirrorless electronic cameras.

If you're trying to find the very best travel electronic cameras under $500, we just have 2 choices for you on this list. While the GoPro Hero 11 Black is our leading choice for an action video camera (and for tape-recording video), our company believe this is the very best point-and-shoot electronic camera for travel.

The Good

The Bad


vacation dji mini 3 drone video camera on white background

There's absolutely nothing to raise travel video footage like a drone. Whether you're going to a huge city or a natural sanctuary, there's constantly a sensational bird's-eye view to be shot. If you've seen those cinematic tracking shots of a single automobile speeding down a desert roadway, or a breathtaking 4K video of a cityscape in the evening, then you understand what we suggest. Drones have actually totally altered travel photography, and the very best droves for travel let you explore your location with a bird's eye view– and flaunt your incredible video footage to your buddies later on.

If you're searching for the very best drone for travel photography, then it's a simple option. The DJI Mavic Mini 3 is the most recent beginner-friendly drone from DJI. The powerhouse brand name produces drones for both customer and industrial usage, and they actually understand what they're doing. While all their customer designs are geared up with exceptional video cameras, the Mini 3 stands apart for its mobility.

It's particularly created to weigh under 250g, which is the limit for needing FAA registration (a discomfort at the very best of times). This indicates that depending upon where you're taking a trip, you most likely will not require a license to fly your drone. Many nations follow this 250g limitation, consisting of the U.S., Canada, and the UK, however make certain to inspect your location's policies for drones. Some locations, like U.S. national forests, for instance, do not permit drone without previous permission.

In spite of its light-weight construct, the Mini 3's specifications are still extremely excellent. This travel photography drone will take spectacular 4K HDR video and high-quality still photos with integrated picture optimization for vibrant colors and clear angles. The DJI Mavic Mini 3 has a 1/1.3- inch sensing unit and can send video footage over a range of 10km.

Plus, the DJI app provides you access to all the functions that makes it the dominant drone maker in the market. FlySafe will avoid you from unintentionally removing in or flying into limited locations, which might get you into difficulty– absolutely handy when you're checking out a brand-new location.

For all its selling points, the Mini 3 has a couple of shortages– unlike other DJI designs, it does not have barrier avoidance, so you wish to take care while flying, specifically in harsh weather condition given that it's so light. Apart from that, its possible downsides are the exact same as that of any other drone– battery will not last throughout the day (at 38 minutes, it currently boasts relatively remarkable battery life for a drone), and it's primarily ideal for aerial videography.

Still, absolutely nothing catches the breadth of a minute rather like a drone shot, so in our viewpoint, it's one of the very best travel electronic cameras for sale today.

The Good

The Bad


vacation gopro hero 11 black action electronic camera outside

GoPro has actually been so effective at making action electronic cameras that the term “GoPro” has actually ended up being associated with the whole item classification, and after evaluating out the brand-new GoPro Hero 11 Black, it's simple to see why. If you're the kind of tourist who likes to load your surf board or mtb, then the Hero 11 is the very best travel video camera you'll discover for action and sports videography.

As you ‘d anticipate from a GoPro, the Hero 11 is a water resistant action video camera that's ultra-light, ultra-compact, and ultra-durable. In spite of it's micro size, this small-but-mighty travel video camera can tape-record amazing 5.3 K video. Yes, that's right– much better than 4K video abilities make the Hero 11 the most innovative action cam for the rate. When shooting in 4K mode, you can likewise record 120 frames per 2nd, which implies your video will look definitely extraordinary whether it's being seen on Youtube or a 65-inch television.

We loaded the GoPro on a current river rafting experience and had no issues with its waterproofing and sturdiness. Out of the box it was able to tape-record video undersea, moving effortlessly from dry land to water experiences. The GoPro Hero 11 functions enhanced video stabilization compared to previous designs, and the business's HyperSmooth 5.0 image stabilization is practically incredibly remarkable. Even while riding over river rapids, the video footage was abundant in information and smooth.

Among the very best functions of the GoPro Hero 11 is the GoPro app, which lets you immediately and wirelessly publish your image and video footage to your gadget or the cloud. Prior to you've even dried off, your GoPro can begin submitting your video footage. That makes this one of the very best travel video cameras for material developers and vloggers.

After weeks of screening, we have no disadvantages to report aside from those fundamental to the item classification. The audio recording is just so-so, and you'll wish to utilize a different microphone if you desire top quality audio to support your 5.3 K video. In general, the GoPro Hero 11 Black is a best action cam, and the sort of 10/10 item you'll wish to load on all your experiences.

The very best travel video cameras let you quickly record, submit, and modify sensational images and videos, and the most recent action cam from GoPro is all set for any kind of experience.

The Good

The Bad


vacation Panasonic LUMIX G85 4K Digital Camera on white background

Trying to find the very best travel video camera under $1,000? You'll desire to carefully think about the Lumix G85.

Yes, there are a great deal of Panasonic Lumix video cameras to pick from, and it can be challenging to choose the ideal design for your requirements. Specialists will likely choose the mirrorless and full-frame S-Series, however there are some exceptional consumer-friendly designs in the Panasonic Lumix G-Series line, consisting of the exceptional and compact Lumix G85 4K Camera. This video camera includes a 12-60mm F3.5-5.6 lens which enables you to record spectacular landscapes, intimate pictures, and up-close macro photography.

This 16MP electronic camera is among the older designs included in this guide, however for travel photography in specific, it has some attracting functions. Most significantly, the Panasonic Lumix G85 4K cam is among the most rugged travel video cameras offered today. The video camera includes a splash- and dust-proof magnesium alloy body for shooting in the field, and it likewise has an ergonomic grip that makes it simple to run with one hand. When shooting video, this cam likewise has in-body 5-axis double image stabilization to minimize handshake.

Priced at under $1,000, it's still among the very best travel cams for professional photographers, novices, and material developers. The G Series was particularly developed with content developers and vloggers in mind, and a 3.55 earphone and microphone jack will be quite valued when shooting video for Instagram, TikTok, or Youtube.

Mashable is still in the procedure of evaluating the current Panasonix Lumix electronic cameras, so search for a more extensive hands-on evaluation in the months ahead. In the meantime, the Panasonic G85 is a budget-friendly choice for tourists who are severe about photography and material development.

The Good

The Bad


vacation Black canon electronic camera with lens

The Canon EOS 6D was currently an unbelievable electronic camera, one that beginners might utilize on their method to ending up being specialists. Its Mark II upgrade includes an articulating screen, which appears so easy however can be a game-changer. It suggests that if you desire a shot from greater up, you can tilt the screen to see what you're shooting rather of raising your arm, pushing the shutter blind, and wishing for the very best. It's likewise excellent for selfies, which if you're taking a trip by yourself or with simply another individual is such a lifesaver– no requirement to have someone stand in the frame while the other sets the self-timer and sprints. (The screen itself is likewise a touchscreen, which is useful for focusing functions.)

Another considerable upgrade is its autofocus: Where the initial 6D had simply 11 focus points and cross-type (perpendicular sensing units permitting two-dimensional noticing) just for the center point, the Mark II boasts 45 points, all with cross-type. That generally suggests that the autofocus of the 6D Mark II will lock on to anything super-fast and with extraordinary precision.

As befits a full-frame Canon DSLR, the sensing unit is *chef's kiss*. It's take-it-to-your-sister's- wedding event level image quality, on expert levels even, so she can conserve cash on a wedding event professional photographer. She may still desire one, due to the fact that the 6D Mark II will select up on her tiniest pores. It's expensive, however you get what you spend for.

Taking a costly video camera on getaway might be a little anxiety-inducing, however when else are you going to utilize it? Travel memories are a few of the very best memories to record, and the 6D Mark II has a quick sufficient response speed to do simply that. Plus, integrated GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth will mark all your images with area tags, which comes in handy, and battery life lasts 1,200 shots (if you're taking moreover daily on trip, you require assistance). For all its other top-level specifications, the 6D Mark II has actually got rather a tough develop, so as long as you're mindful (and protect your valuables!), it will settle in crystal-clear images of your journey.

We've connected to a Canon EOS 6D Mark II that includes a suitable lens, the Canon EF 24-105mm USM Lens. If you currently have a lens, you can purchase the body of this cam for $1,399.99 at both Amazon

The Good

The Bad


vacation samsung galaxy s22 ultra mobile phone with stylus on pink background

Check out the complete Mashable evaluation of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

For content developers and professional photographers who do not wish to take a trip with anything however their mobile phone, then we have excellent news. The present lineup of flagship mobile phones from Apple, Google, and Samsung all function effective cams and video abilities. If you desire the finest possible mobile phone video camera for travel photography, then you'll desire the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

At the initial rate of $1,199, the Galaxy S22 Ultra was a bit expensive, now that it's readily available for under $900, it's a lot more engaging. For the very same factor, we're suggesting this 2022-release over the more recent Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, despite the fact that the latter packs a 200 megapixel main electronic camera.

In the Mashable evaluation of the S22 Ultra, we discovered that the main 108MP video camera might record gorgeous daytime photography. This flagship mobile phone can likewise record outstanding night photos, although the software application overcompensates somewhat, offering nighttime photos an overlit quality. The popular zoom is the most remarkable function of the Galaxy S22 Ultra for travel photography particularly. This mobile phone boasts a digital zoom approximately 100x, making it perfect for sightseeing and travel.

If you're an Apple diehard, then you'll never ever be totally pleased with the Samsung UI, however if you desire the very best mobile phone video camera, this is it. This effective Samsung mobile phone can likewise record 8K video and slow-motion videos, so if you wish to record your travel experiences for TikTok or YouTube, you'll have a complete suite of photography and videography tools offered to you.

The Good

The Bad


vacation Black video camera with grey windshield and turned screen to reveal individual smiling in selfie view

Some vloggers usr DSLRs or clunkier designs for that additional meaning, that can be tough for journeys. The apparent factor for desiring to load light, there are likewise technical factors to consider: tripods to stand your electronic camera up, a consisted of mic so you do not require extra audio devices, versatility in lighting, and more. The ZV-E10 provides all this– its install enables portable recording or establishing on a tripod, Active Mode offers image stabilization while Face Priority AE keeps the concentrate on your face, and autofocus is extremely quick and precise.

The ZV-E10 is customized for creatives to be able to movie as they ‘d like. There's a Soft Skin Effect choice in numerous degrees of strength, slo-mo and sped-up recording modes, background blurring alternatives, and other creative results like color choice. Plus, with a USB cable, you can even livestream straight from the video camera, which will get you to lastly begin utilizing TikTok Live or the like.

With more than 60 extra lenses to select from, there's no concern if the consisted of 16-50mm zoom lens does not exercise for you either (or possibly while you desire a more versatile lens). A vlogging video camera is fantastic for travel due to the fact that of how simple to utilize it is, and how you can more quickly record shots of yourself and your travel pals. Plus, video can be a much better medium through which to remember fond memories. That's all up to the person. For vlogging functions, TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram Reels, this is the best portable camera for travel.

The Good

The Bad


For this evaluation, we selected to concentrate on discovering the very best cam for travel photography novices. Expert professional photographers will have much various requirements compared to your typical tourist. In picking items, we depend on a mix of mindful research study and hands-on screening, constantly with beginner-to-moderately knowledgeable professional photographers in mind.

Mashable reporters checked about half of the cams included in this guide. Formerly, Mashable customer Joseph Volpe evaluated out the cams of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Our company believe it's the very best mobile phone video camera for travel thanks to its low-light photography, legendary zoom, 108MP main electronic camera, and under-$ 1,000 cost.

We evaluated the GoPro Hero 11 Black particularly for this evaluation, utilizing it over a duration of weeks. Since this is an action cam, we checked its capabilities to catch pictures and videos both on dry land and undersea. We likewise checked the cordless and connection functions, which were similarly outstanding. Mashable likewise evaluated the Fujifilm X100V for this evaluation. We mainly concentrated on evaluating the photography functions, checking out both the video camera's automated settings and customized capabilities. We evaluated the pictures to see how well the video camera caught landscape, picture, and close-up pictures. Mashable has actually likewise been evaluating the Panasonix Lumix line of electronic cameras.

We did not check the DJI Mavic Mini 3 for this post, however we chose to change the older DJI Mavic Mini 2. The Mavic Mini 3 is really comparable to the previous design with enhancements to the imaging system and battery life, letting you fly even more. We still think DJI makes the very best drone for travel photography, and the Mini 3 is among the business's most recent and most portable drones.

We consisted of video cameras from Canon, Sony, and Olympus, all of which were included in an older variation of this shopping guide. Canon and Sony are 2 of our go-to brand names for photography, and they both have track records for producing outstanding travel electronic cameras for professional photographers of all ability levels. We consisted of a water resistant video camera from Olympus as our spending plan choice due to the fact that we didn't desire to disregard point-and-shoot electronic cameras completely.

vacation Mashable Image

Kristie Chan is a Shopping Fellow.

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