Home Travel News & Insights From Sand Baths to Hot Springs: Here are Egypt’s Top Health Tourism Destinations

From Sand Baths to Hot Springs: Here are Egypt’s Top Health Tourism Destinations

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From Sand Baths to Hot Springs: Here are Egypt’s Top Health Tourism Destinations

From Sand Baths to Hot Springs: Here are Egypt's Top Health Tourism Destinations

From Sand Baths to Hot Springs: Here are Egypt's Top Health Tourism Destinations

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Health tourist involves people taking a trip to a location with the function of getting treatment. That consists of travel with the objective of enhancing one's physical, psychological or spiritual health.

Within health tourist, there is both wellness tourist and medical tourist. Health tourist is customized towards improving wellbeing whereas medical tourist is tailored towards the physical element of health dealt with either through sophisticated medical techniques or natural solutions.

In Egypt, heath tourist has actually been on the increase. It is a location that boasts a variety of natural deposits that have actually been discovered to deal with a variety of physical disorders. The water in particular locations in Egypt, most significantly the springs, have actually been stated to correct skin problem, and breathing and rheumatism illness, to name a few disorders.

The nation's environment, especially along the coast of the Red Sea is stated to have health advantages that relieve the signs of incurable illness, particularly psoriasis.

Here are 4 places around Egypt that use natural medicine in an effort to increase health tourist.

Flight prices Black Sand in Safaga

Along the red sea is a little port referred to as Safaga. Today, it brings in travelers not just for its lovely vistas however for the recovery homes that are discovered in the natural deposits of its coasts.

Safaga is among the locations hailed for its treatment of the skin problem psoriasis.

Around 125 million people internationally are impacted by psoriasis. It is a persistent illness that is inflammatory and mostly impacts the skin and the joints. The condition comes with its own set of psychological and mental distress in clients.

While it does not have a remedy, the signs can be dealt with.

The sand in Safaga has actually been discovered to bring specific minerals that help in the appeasing of joint discomforts, skin swelling and psoriasis. These are uranium, thorium, and potassium.

The water in Safaga is 35 percent saline, which is greater than the portion discovered in the Mediterranean sea. The high portion is likewise thought to deal with numerous conditions.

Flight prices Hot Springs in Siwa

Image Credit: Matador Networks

There is a smattering of warm springs in Siwa. Aside from the psychological advantages obtained from unwinding in a warm spring, these sources of water are stated to have recovery powers for the body.

The concentration of sulphur discovered in warm springs deals with the signs of inflammatory illness such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Hydrotherapy, which is a mode of alternative treatment that makes use of water to minimize particular health conditions, go back to ancient Greece when sulphureous springs were utilized for myriad treatments consisting of muscular and joint disorders.

Siwa has more than 226 fresh water warm springs, the most popular of which is Cleopatra's swimming pool. Built with stones, the warm spring is thought to have actually when hosted the ancient Egyptian queen herself.

Flight prices Mud Baths in Sinai

Mud baths are not a brand-new idea. The practice goes back to ancient civilisations consisting of the Romans and native people that would utilize volcanic mud to shower given that 2500 BC. In the last few years, nevertheless, they have actually grown in appeal due to the variety of advantages they manage their bathers.

Found in Ras Sudr, the mud in Wadi Assal is understood to be naturally covered with minerals which boast anti-inflammatory homes.

It is thought to assist deal with signs of arthritis, joint discomfort, and muscle discomfort.

Flight prices Sand Baths in Aswan

A Nile cruise in Aswan
Picture through Lonely Planet

While Aswan is most significantly related to its amazing heritage websites and an abundant history, it is likewise an area where travelers take part in natural medical treatments. Among these is sand bathing.

Sand bathing is believed to have alleviative residential or commercial properties that target a variety of health conditions. With its applauds sung, for many years those affected by rheumatism and joint discomfort have actually made their method to Aswan to look for the natural treatment.

Treatment by sand bathing is topped 3 to 5 days with a session enduring in between 10 to 15 minutes. Following the bath, individuals– buried neck deep in sand– are then provided a warm beverage. Throughout the treatment, showers are not permitted and clients need to not be exposed to cold air. These treatments are managed by knowledgeable people.

Referred to as Psammotherapy, sand baths are stated to have origins in ancient Egypt with the very first recording of the practice remaining in the Siwa Oasis. It is a technique that has actually been discovered in a number of other ancient civilizations such as ancient Greece.

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