Home Travel News & Insights Here’s How Long it Took a Woman to Grow Her Long, Natural Hair

Here’s How Long it Took a Woman to Grow Her Long, Natural Hair

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Here’s How Long it Took a Woman to Grow Her Long, Natural Hair

Here's How Long it Took a Woman to Grow Her Long, Natural Hair

hotel Kenyan Woman Shows Off Long, Natural Hair in Inspiring TikTok Video:
  • A Kenyan female has actually recorded the hearts of millions on TikTok with her breathtaking of nurturing and growing her natural hair throughout 6 years
  • Her story highlighted the difficulties, victories, and lessons she experienced throughout her mission for healthy, long natural hair
  • Beginning her journey in 2016, she shared in her video how she chose to recover her natural hair after dealing with concerns like damage and thinning hairline from

A Kenyan female determined as Gladys has actually taken her TikTok fans through her motivating journey of attaining healthy, long natural hair after 6 years of experimentation.

hotel Natural hair
Image collage of female's hair at various phases. Picture: @NaturalhairbyGladys.
Source: TikTok

Hotel Female does own research study for natural hair

Glady's narrated her six-year-long battle with natural hair, starting in 2016, to accomplish the luscious, large natural hair she happily uses today.

The girl published the video on her deal with @NaturalhairbyGladys, where she opened about her hair journey in the video that has actually gotten substantial attention.

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Gladys began her natural hair journey after she saw that her hair was vulnerable to damage and her hairline was declining.

“I chose to do my research study, and I began my natural hair journey,” checked out part of the captions accompanying the video.

She decided to avoid utilizing heat treatments and deserted going to beauty parlors in order to organize her hair.

Hotel How did she handle natural hair?

Gladys purchased a variety of natural hair items, even confessing that her dedication to the cause came close to draining her checking account.

Her commitment paid off as her hair began to grow back, and her hairline restored its previous strength.

To look cool at work, Gladys try out numerous protective hairdos, ensuring her hair was both trendy and healthy.

At one point, she briefly went back to hair salon sees and even braided hairdos. She did not divulge her factor for going back to the old regimen.

The fragility of her hair under these treatments rapidly ended up being evident, requiring her back to her natural hair journey.

Hotel Natural hair begins growing back

“It began growing back, and I could not conceal my joy. My hair amazed me with development, and I continued taking excellent care of it,” Gladys shown apparent happiness in her video.

As her journey continued, Gladys welcomed different natural hairdo strategies, all of which added to her hair's increasing length and vigor.

Through her efforts, she discovered a restored sense of convenience and complete satisfaction with her natural hair. The video culminates with Gladys with confidence showing her long, streaming, natural hair.

“I did bubble braids too and am lastly a pleased naturista with long natural hair,” she even more informed TUKO.co.ke

Gladys' TikTok video has actually amassed extensive appreciation, with countless audiences revealing their assistance and affection for her dedication to her natural hair journey.

Hotel Joyce Omondi flaunts natural hair

Somewhere else Gospel vocalist and television host Joyce Omondi flaunted her long natural hair, leaving lots of people requesting for her hair development items.

The media character, wed to prominent reporter Waihiga Mwaura, shared a lively video demonstrating how long her hair was.

In the video, Joyce wore a black coat and a glossy purple top, and she began by pulling her hair behind and after that turned sideways while holding it to demonstrate how long her natural hair was.

She turned behind and pulled it from the bottom and touched her hair's reach on her back.

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Source: TUKO.co.ke

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