Home Travel News & Insights Khalil Halilu’s ShapShap is working to enhance last-mile shipment in Nigeria

Khalil Halilu’s ShapShap is working to enhance last-mile shipment in Nigeria

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Khalil Halilu’s ShapShap is working to enhance last-mile shipment in Nigeria

Khalil Halilu's ShapShap is working to enhance last-mile shipment in Nigeria

Khalil Halilu is the creator of ShapShap, a logistics business seeking to broaden into other parts of the nation and continent.

In October 2022, ShapShap, an Abuja-based logistics business, won the Supernova Challenge Pitch competitors at the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX) in Dubai. The competitors, among the most significant pitch competitors in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, includes a cash prize of $8,000, which the start-up utilized to assist in a few of its growth strategies. ShapShap, established in 2019 by Khalil Halilu, has 2 offerings: a logistics app for motorists and suppliers and an e-commerce app for suppliers, with functions varying from shipment logistics to routing and payments.

TechCabal talked to Halilu about the difficulties of running a logistics start-up in Nigeria today and what chances for development exist.

Vacation How did you develop the concept of ShapShap?

KH: Logistics is something that moves whatever. I was fortunate to experience smooth logistics services while in school abroad. When I came back to Nigeria, I believed investing in making shipments simpler was important. There are a great deal of SMEs in Nigeria, and commerce, mostly e-commerce, is prospering here. We need to develop a working system to allow items to move from merchants to customers as flawlessly as possible. I saw a big chance and tossed my hat in the ring.

Vacation What have been a few of your greatest difficulties in 4 years of operations?

KH: I often inform individuals that I do not covet anybody in the logistics market due to the fact that of the obstacles. There are a lot of them, in regards to bad federal government policies, functional expenses, and infrastructural deficits, however the most significant for us is the human component. By human component, I indicate getting individuals to work efficiently with the resources offered since that is within our control. You develop an innovation, and the riders utilize it in a different way or choose not to. We have riders who attempt to beat the system by bypassing payments, attempting to get phony rankings and so on. We do not have the very best work principles here in Nigeria.

Another difficulty that rocks the market is federal government policies and the absence of regularisation. There are a great deal of gamers in the market and no clear standards on how to get in or run correctly. Anybody can begin a logistics organization, as all it takes is to purchase a bike, open an Instagram page and set costs. These individuals you're taking on, and the consumers on the other end do not care. They desire the most affordable rates.

Vacation What is ShapShap's method for enhancing the quality of client experience?

KH: Our distinct method

concentrates on our riders and keeping them pleased. We value our riders since they're business motorists, actually and figuratively. We attempt to make the work appealing in regards to wage, which assists us bring in quality personnel. We likewise approach it like any other task, there are development chances, and we incentivise riders with rewards so that they understand that it's a genuine task with a future instead of a transit task they're doing to kill time.

Vacation What do you intend to see in the next couple of years in the logistics area?

KH: I ‘d like to see much better policies in location. We require much better policies to support business owners due to the fact that couple of are presently on the ground. We're handling the results of the fuel aid elimination and high currency exchange rate. All these drive away financiers from putting their cash into the nation since they do not understand what they will awaken to the next day.

Vacation What are the development chances for ShapShap?

Africa has among the fastest-growing populations worldwide. We likewise have a thriving e-commerce market, that makes last-mile shipment essential. A great deal of upcoming e-commerce platforms are searching for satisfaction partners that are currently developed, to take the headache of last-mile shipments off their hands. We have more than 400 riders and have actually finished 10s of countless shipments currently, so we have actually the background needed.

We likewise wish to work together with as lots of other logistics service providers as possible. We've teamed up with Red Star, among the greatest logistics business in West Africa. We are likewise dealing with teaming up with Max to offer us access to electrical bikes for our riders. Partnership is among the fastest opportunities for development, and we do not have fun with having the ability to utilize another organisation's strength. We're continuously trying to find partners and business with the very same worths to broaden into other African cities and ride the existing financial recession together.

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