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Last train to Hondagua

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The trolley decreased prior to it concerned a complete stop. “We are here, sir,” revealed the trolley chauffeur and after that he shut off the motor. After taking a trip for practically an hour on a wood trolley which the residents call “skate” I was lastly taking a look at the old train station of Hondagua.

My journey to this little barangay on the cove of Lamon Bay wasn’t prepared at all. Less than 2 hours previously, I was simply speaking to the individual manning the regional museum in Gumaca. He was an old guy, about my age, and we were talking how individuals in Gumaca took a trip in the past utilizing the old Philippine National Railways train system. I pointed out that I had the ability to check out the old Gumaca train station early that day, and I was informed by a male cutting off the turf on the train track that the train might quickly go back to the part of Quezon. The guide discussed that there’s another stunning train station neglecting an attractive bay in the next town of Lopez and it can be reached by riding on a “skate.”

I was initially preparing to go next to Atimonan on my method back to Manila, however the possibility of seeing a train station by the bay made me all extremely thrilled. “How to arrive?” I asked. “Easy. Simply get on a jeepney bound for Lopez and ask the motorist to drop you off at the terminal for tricycles going to ‘skate’ terminal,” the guide responded.

A couple of minutes later on, I discovered myself dragging my buddy and boarding the jeepney bound for Lopez. It took a while for the jeepney to be filled with guests. I asked the chauffeur to drop us off at the location where I can get tricycle to “skate” terminal. The reference of “skate” made numerous travelers take a look at me with interest. Not daily that you see an old guy getting thrilled over riding a “skate.”

Upon showing up in Lopez, among the guests hailed a tricycle to take us to the “skate” terminal. “Skate,” he merely stated and he was preceded I might state thank you. 5 minutes and15 later on, I was currently standing in a makeshift train terminal filled with lots of “skates.”

The “skates” are items of Filipino resourcefulness. The locals of Lopez have actually developed a trolley made from wood and steel with bearings that roll on the rail track. A bike pedal is normally connected to drive the trolley on the track however for longer range and much heavier load, a little motor is now utilized. In physics, a bearing is a maker aspect that constrains relative movement to just the preferred movement, and decreases friction in between moving parts. They resemble the rollers on the skates, hence this mode of transport ended up being called “skates.”

As quickly as we saw an uninhabited “skate” on the track, we asked the chauffeur if it’s going to Hondagua. He nodded. Forty pesos to arrive he stated. We took our put on the bench seat and waited on our trolley to be filled.

Fifteen minutes later on, we began rolling. As we began moving, we were dealt with to a stunning countryside surroundings seldom seen by numerous. We saw limitless fields of greens planted crops like rice and bananas. We saw gorgeous native homes looking through rows of coconut trees. We saw school kids getting back from school waving at us and smiling.

As we rolled near Hondagua, the view altered to a stunning bay lined with coconut trees. As we approached completion of our “skate” trip, we lastly saw its train station. We paid our motorist, left our trolley and began walking the old train station. The station structure is now with no roof, doors and windows however the old ticketing window is still there. I began envisioning the number of individuals had actually purchased tickets there to handle a brand-new life in the city. I likewise saw the old deserted train rusting on the track however still standing happy with its marvelous past that this now forgotten station was as soon as a hectic transportation center.

After completing our trip of the old station, we nestled from the twelve noon day sun at the neighboring carinderia. We purchased lunch, and as we were consuming, the owner of the shop began talking with us. He informed us that the station was developed around 1910 s and was as soon as a terminus (last point) for the train to Quezon. It brought development to that part of the province, and likewise supplied tasks to individuals of Hondagua. Regretfully, when the train stopped, development stopped too, he stated.

He pointed out that his shop as soon as worked as a canteen for train travelers, however is now accommodating the trainees at the close-by school. Life is difficult for individuals of Hondagua now, especially for trainees who take a trip cross country by foot, by boat, by “skates” simply to study. He stated that he attempted to make his meals budget-friendly to trainees, offering complimentary soup to those who can just manage the10 rice.

To individuals of Hondagua, train is development. They are anticipating that day when the train returns and the station will once again be dynamic with activities. The day will come for those young trainees who are making it through on rice and complimentary soup to get on the very first train out of Hondagua to a much better life.

( The author is a senior who just recently retired. His taste for experience has actually not kept him from taking a trip, typically by means of not-so-usual paths.)




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