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Pat Utomi’s misconceptions of splendour, By JACKSON EKWUGUN

by admin

Prof Utomi

Sitting 2 rows far from Prof. Pat Utomi on the Air Peace flight from Lagos to Asaba, I viewed in shock and shock as this expected modification representative and supporter for excellent governance, thrilled his little group of loud Obidients with tales of how the Delta State Government had actually up until now rejected the Labour Party 4 places for their proposed governmental rally.

I might not think that a male of his calibre would stoop so low to inform bare dealt with depend on order to score a low-cost political point. Obviously, these males and females held on to his every word, and were naturally filled with a sense of indignation. It obviously made them feel that they depended on some memorable occasion if the federal government was so desperate to stop their rally. Little did they understand the story was a con task and a best alibi for failure by a political upstart who understood he did not have what it requires to arrange an effective political rally in his house state.

The proverbial chicken came house to roost the next day as the LP governmental rally was far from being the earth-shaking occasion they boasted about. I was at first worried of driving towards the Oshimili Arcade on the hectic Nnebisi roadway where the rally was holding as I had an immediate individual matter to address. Entrusted to no option, I braved it however to my surprise, the traffic was complimentary streaming. I took an excellent take a look at the rally location and I was positive those incredibly positive Obidients I satisfied on the airplane needs to have been questioning what occurred to the high hopes they were provided by the guy they call their leader. Just couple of locals in the city even understood that Peter Obi was in town.

That is what you get when you put your self-confidence in a political neophyte who has an epic picture of himself. An indigene of Delta State, Prof. Utomi is an unidentified amount in the politics of Delta State. I heard an extremely popular political leader stating he just got to understand that he is from the state through the phony news that Labour Party was rejected place for their rally. That is the male some were anticipating to shut Asaba down?

It is not unexpected that the Labour Party just verbally asked for a location twenty-four hours to the arranged rally. It is Utomi’s method operandi to leave matters till the l lth hour and try to find a scapegoat for his failure. Obviously, his fans have actually forgotten how as APC governorship candidate in 2019, he made news for not having the ability to find the place of the main election in Asaba. He entered town on the day of the main, exposing his political naivety and unpreparedness. The male did not even understand the delegates from his ward! He most likely believed his media celeb status and regular pontifications on tv sufficed to provide the ticket to his lap. Discuss misconceptions of splendour!

Now, it has actually been more than forty-eight hours considering that the Asaba rally held and the loud-mouthed teacher is yet to react to needs for him to produce the letter of application the Labour Party composed asking for using any location. He can not produce it since there is no such letter. Is that the method to develop a brand-new Nigeria? Through lies, blackmail, and propaganda?

The Labour Party was not just provided the Oshimili Arcade; the cost was likewise waived. Guv Okowa has a well-off credibility as a liberal, broad-minded, and accommodating political leader. A male of generous personality, he is the best design of politics without bitterness. Okowa is too civil and polished to participate in petty, destructive, and vindictive politics. Drive on Summit Road causing the Governor’s workplace and you will see the project workplaces and celebration workplaces of the significant political celebrations plainly dotting the landscape. In some cases, one can not assist however question if it is an effort to daunt the guv or they believe their nearness to the catbird seat brightens their opportunities of winning.

I do not understand the number of guvs in Nigeria who would endure that. Some will even reject you using outside marketing such as Billboards. Even if some overzealous city government council authorities were to stand in the method, Governor Okowa would immediately overthrow them if the matter was given his attention. His type requires to be commemorated, not to be the topic of disgusting propaganda and blackmail, which have actually now ended up being Utomi’s stock-in-trade.

Each time Utomi speaks, he advises me of what one marketing master informed me years ago: “if you can not impress them with your sparkle, hoodwink them with bulls. t.” The latter appears to use more to Utomi in his unchecked fascination to reduce, albeit fruitless, Governor Okowa’s ever increasing profile. He followed up his lies versus the federal government by casting aspersions on the guv for accepting to be Abubakar Atiku’s running mate. It would have been absurd were it not so useless. This is a guy who has actually been leaping from one celebration to the other (from ADC to APC, and now to LP) looking for political importance yet he has the guts to speak about morality.

Possibly, Utomi believes Nigerians have actually forgotten the ignoble function he played in promoting and marketing Muhammadu Buhari to Nigerians in 2015. Generally, right after he was passed over for ministerial consultation, he rapidly changed function, and put on the sanctimonious attire of an activist to trick Nigerians as soon as again. And he fasted to get on the Obidient bandwagon once the motion got traction. Is that the profile of a male who should be speaking about morality? He often discusses ideology however does this program a guy with any ideology? Far, Utomi’s political trip depicts him as an opportunist, a hustler, and political woman of the street, far from being the reformer that he desires the public to think. He is simply extremely proficient at courting journalism and placing himself into the general public awareness by embracing suitables that attract the fancy of his gullible fans. Obviously, the media, ever searching for newsmakers, have actually wanted pawns in the hands of this shrewd and manipulative person who has actually mastered the art of utilizing them to enhance his self-centered aspiration.

Prof. Utomi is well recommended to remain concentrated on his function as a scholastic, rather of badgering Okowa from time to time in his unsuccessful look for political importance. Till he contests and wins election as a city government Councilor as encouraged by previous Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan, he is not certified to talk where Okowa is speaking.

Ekwugum is Manager, Communications to Governor Okowa.

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