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Rex Airlines avoids arranged stop mid-flight, leaving travelers stranded

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Rex Airlines avoids arranged stop mid-flight, leaving travelers stranded

A significant Australian airline company has actually rejected criticism about the assistance provided to guests taking a trip in local Western Australia.

Bottom line:

  • Travelers were offered the alternative to stay in Carnarvon or go back to Perth after the aircraft stopped working to stop
  • One traveler was a small, and was left stranded while he waited on his moms and dads to drive 350km to gather him
  • A report has actually discovered almost 4 percent of Australian domestic in April were cancelled

Those onboard a postponed Rex Airlines flight last Thursday planning to take a trip from Perth to Monkey Mia were informed mid-flight the aircraft would not be stopping at the popular traveler area and was continuing north to the last location of Carnarvon.

Travelers were notified they might either stay in Carnarvon, 350 kilometres from their desired location, or take a return flight to Perth.

A boarding school trainee taking a trip alone on a flight house was amongst those onboard who had actually meant to leave in Monkey Mia.

With his boarding home closed for the school break, heading back to Perth wasn't an alternative for 17-year-old Indie Oakley.

Rather, he waited in Carnarvon for his moms and dads to gather him by automobile.

hotel A teen kid and guy in singlets and teenage lady in a mid shot

The Oakley household drove 350 kilometres to gather their boy Indie, far left, from Carnarvon.(Provided: Donnelle Oakley

His mom, Donnelle Oakley, stated she had issues about her kid's security while stranded along with the bad driving conditions the household were pushed into.

“We ‘d had a bit of rain so there are great deals of animals on the roadway [and] it's a bit hazardous taking a trip on sunset,” she stated.

“I was a bit anxious to be sincere, it had to do with 9pm when we arrived,” she stated.

“We wound up returning house at midnight.”


Ms Oakley stated she had actually paid complete cost as the ticketed fare was not qualified for local aids.

“If you pay $800 to $900 you anticipate to be dropped at the location where you scheduled,” she stated.

“To take a trip 3 and a half hours to get Indie was irritating.”

No payment has actually been used by Rex Airlines.

hotel A close up of guy in a white t-shirt with glasses

Option travel specialist Jodi Bird states the current ACCC report advised a much better resourced independent ombudsman for the airline company sector.(Provided: CHOICE

A Rex Airlines representative did not react to in-depth concerns, consisting of why the choice was made not to stop at Monkey Mia or what assistance was provided to travelers at the time.

“With concerns to private events, Rex is not in a position to talk about the controlled paths of which Monkey Mia/Carnarvon is one,” they stated in a declaration.

“Such matters are routinely talked about at the neighborhood consultative group held by the Department of Transport and our company believe that is the best online forum to be raising these concerns.”

Flights to Monkey Mia take place when a day on northbound paths to Carnarvon.

An extra 8 travelers were impacted by the airline company's choice to not stop at Monkey Mia, with 6 setting up a personal bus to shuttle bus them to their location, and a more 2 accepting a lift with the Oakley household.

hotel A Rex Airlines aircraft bases on a runway.

Guests were informed mid-flight that they would be taking a trip directly through to Carnarvon.(Wikimedia Commons: Bidgee

Assistance for clients

According to the most recent report from Australian Competition and Consumer Commission launched previously today, almost 4 percent of Australian domestic flights in April were cancelled and about 30 percent were late.

Jodi Bird, a travel specialist with CHOICE, stated the report detailed comparable problems to what the customer advocacy group had actually seen over the previous couple of years.

“When the airline companies have actually triggered customers issues, there's not truly a fantastic correction for those issues.

“Officially, you can go to the Airline Customer Advocate, nevertheless they are mostly inadequate.”

Mr Bird stated existing guidelines in Australia implied travelers underwent the conditions of the private provider.

“The ACCC report has actually suggested that something be taken a look at in regards to a more reliable, independent ombudsman that has higher resources and higher power to implement choices on the airline companies.”

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