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Talking Point: What Do You Wish You Knew Sooner In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom?

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Talking Point: What Do You Wish You Knew Sooner In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom?

Talking Point: What Do You Wish You Knew Sooner In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom?

journey Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Link
Image: Nintendo Life

Having actually been out for the very best part of a month now, we believe it's reasonable to state that The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is going to be among those video games where we never ever stop finding brand-new things.

In our playthroughs up until now, these discoveries have actually had us smiling cheek to cheek on a quite constant basis, however that hasn't stopped the smiles from being cleaned from our faces as we come across some game-changing mechanic at the 100-hour mark.

The concern of whether Tears of the Kingdom is “too open” of an open world (if there is such a thing) may be best left till we have a much better concept of whatever that this Hyrule needs to provide, however the large variety of possibilities and choices does indicate that there have actually been numerous celebrations where we came across a brand-new function just to believe “I actually want I understood about that earlier!”

For us, the list of these functions is growing longer day by day. A fast whip around Nintendo Life Towers produced a compendium of sorry tales where we had actually gone through lots (and in one case several hundreds) of hours prior to finding something that relatively everyone else learnt in the early days. We're not discussing story components here, rather basic gameplay aspects we in some way bypassed in our opening hours and of which we went blissfully uninformed for weeks.

journey Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Link and Ice
Image: Nintendo Life

Therefore, we believed we would share a few of them with you today in the hopes of revealing simply just how much we missed out on. Caution! We have actually attempted to go over the following discoveries in as spoiler-free a style as possible (they can all be discovered in the early video game), however if you are still checking out Hyrule at your own speed, then perhaps return to this one when you have actually ticked whatever off your list.

Still here? Lovely. Let's kick things off with …

Journey Purah cushioning

Those people who wished to get the primary story under our belts unconsciously avoided previous Josha, Robbie and the opportunity to get the Purah Pad completely kitted out after completing the Regional Phenomena mission. Would the Medallions and Autobuild have been a helpful function to acquire from the start? Definitely. Was it squashing to just discover them after investing 50+ hours in the video game? Yes. Yes, it was.

Even the capabilities that we did learn about had actually concealed layers that we can't assist however believe would have been magnificent helpful in the early video game. There were numerous people who were fastidiously flattening things with Ultrahand by turning them, uninformed of the truth that you can merely push ‘ZL' with one chosen to immediately turn it into an ideal base.

Journey Shriny delighted individuals

And what about that crafty map? We vigilantly finished every Shrine that we came across so that we might establish a Fast Travel point for later on, however it ends up that you can quick take a trip to a Shrine without requiring to finish the obstacle very first — who understood?! (Lots of individuals, it ends up, however not us.)

The exact same uses to the Depths. There is a note pad in an early area of the video game that extremely plainly recommends that there is a extremely direct relationship in between the place of Shrines on the surface area and Lightroots in the Depths, however did we instantly take that onboard? No, we invested numerous, numerous hours aimlessly roaming the darkness. It was enjoyable, however still.

Journey Would've been Ultrahandy

We might state the very same feature of Fuse. Begin, did you understand that you can un-Fuse your weapons and guards from the turning loadout menu? This author didn't (that was a 70-hours-in discovery that I will never ever shake)…

More useful discoveries– like utilizing Ultrahand to get rid of flowers and mushrooms from walls, freezing water utilizing ice productsand utilizing the bowl under cherry bloom trees — can be found in thick and quick well after the 50-hour mark. If it shows anything, it's that regardless of a month of playing this video game at every provided chance, we still have not even scratched the surface area. Or the Depths, or the Sky Islands, for that matter.

With a world this huge, there are bound to be discoveries that slip through the internet on a very first playthrough, therefore, with this in mind, we wish to put the concern out to you, fellow Hyrule explorers. You can complete the following survey to admit to which of the above functions likewise passed you by at first, and after that require to the remarks to let us understand of any other things that you truly want you had actually come across earlier.

Anything to contribute to the list? Leave a confession of what you missed out on in the remarks listed below.

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