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Tewolde GebreMariam: The Traffic Officer Who Became CEO of Africa’s Biggest Airline

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Tewolde GebreMariam: The Traffic Officer Who Became CEO of Africa’s Biggest Airline

Tewolde GebreMariam: The Traffic Officer Who Became CEO of Africa's Biggest Airline

Tewolde GebreMariam, the previous CEO of Ethiopian Airlines, is a real personification of the saying “abhor not little starts.” With a simple start as a traffic controller, Tewolde's to the top of Africa's most effective airline company is a motivating testimony to determination and decision.

Granted the African CEO of the Year award by Jeune Afrique and the African Development Bank in Geneva in 2012, Tewolde existed to go over a proposition on the sale of nationwide provider Kenya Airways to United States Delta Airlines. The offer nevertheless stopped working to come through as Kenya Airways defaulted on its payment commitment of an $841.6 million loan from the United States Export-Import Bank in 2017.

With over 37 years of experience in African Aviation, Tewolde's exploits highlight his daring and fascinating sail in the market. Throughout his management, Ethiopian Airlines surpassed Emirates to end up being the greatest port in between Asia and Africa, along with within Africa. Reports state the airline company ended up being Africa's leading airline company in both guest volumes and fleet size.

Flight prices How Ethiopian airline company surpassed Emirates under Gebremariam

According to reports, Ethiopian Airlines quadrupled in size growing from a fleet of 33 airplane bring 3 million guests to one with a fleet of 130 airplane bring 13 million travelers. Under Gebremariam, the airline company likewise grew its Addis Ababa center and made financial investments in smaller sized operators in nations such as Chad, Cote d'Ivoire, Guinea, Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia.

Flight prices High earnings Ethiopian Airlines taped

Especially, Ethiopian Airlines experienced rapid development from one Billion USD yearly turnover to 4.5 Billion. The airline company likewise constructed more than USD 700 million worth of crucial facilities like Africa's greatest , Cargo terminal, MRO garages and stores, Aviation Academy and Full Flight Simulators under Gebremariam.

His efficiency made him the very first African Airline CEO to get “The Airline Strategy Award for Regional Leadership” in the award's 12-year history. The Award is every year provided by Airline Business Magazine, a publication of Flight Global, the world's leading air media brand name.

Tewolde has actually been commemorated for his pan-African scope of the technique; his modern-day governance and monetary openness; and the quality of social, human and ecological policy. These honours not just acknowledge his exceptional management however likewise highlight the transformative effect he has actually had on the air travel market and the continent as a whole. While we commemorate his exploits at the Airline, let's take a look at how he grew through the ranks.

Flight prices How he grew from a traffic officer to CEO

GebreMariam started his profession at Ethiopian Airlines as a traffic officer in 1985. From being a traffic officer he ended up being the Manager, Cargo Traffic Handling. Tewolde who was based in Addis Ababa was later on designated to act as Area Manager and Regional Director for India based in Bombay, Saudi Arabia based in Jeddah.

A couple of years later on, he was selected to manage the Sales and Marketing Department of the airline company. He was later on selected as the Chief Operations Officer, COO on the 1st of July, 2006. As COO, Tewolde handled the Airline's functional departments, consisting of industrial, flight operations, customer care, upkeep, and engineering.

His upward journey managed him the chance to visit numerous sectors of the air travel market. This caused his elevation to the function of Group Chief Executive Officer in 2011. As CEO, he took part in the High-level Advisory Group on Sustainable Transport (HLAG-ST), which is co-chaired by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

Flight prices
His health problems and retirement

Having actually dealt with the airline company for over 37 years, Tewolde resigned in 2022 to concentrate on his treatment. In a declaration that revealed his early retirement, the airline company exposed that Tewolde has actually been under medical treatment in the USA for the last 6 months.

The business likewise specified that Tewolde will not have the ability to continue leading the airline company as a Group CEO, a task which requires better existence and complete attention round the clock. Following his retirement, GebreMariam works as the Senior Strategic Advisor at Delta Air Lines. Tewolde who owns and runs a consultancy business TGM Advisory Services LLC was provided the 2022 Airline Strategy Awards in acknowledgment of his accomplishments at the Ethiopian Airlines.

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