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The Current State of Business Travel: Business Traveler and Travel Manager Priorities

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The Current State of Business Travel: Business Traveler and Travel Manager Priorities

The Current State of Business Travel: Business Traveler and Travel Manager Priorities

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The Current State of Business : Business Traveler and Travel Manager Priorities
traveling Global Business Travel Association (GBTA);

The brand-new age of company travel is deliberate, with workers significantly stressing work-life combination and altering characteristics

This is according to a brand-new report–“The Current State of Business Travel: Business Traveler and Travel Manager Priorities” — released today by the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) and sponsored by Uber for Business. The report checks out beliefs of both U.S. and Canadian travel supervisors and company tourists on the subjects of service tourist experience, sustainability and expense savings.

Sustained by the pandemic, improved video conferencing abilities, progressing work patterns and sustainability issues, both company tourists and travel supervisors have actually experienced a shift in expectations around how they approach business travel and its policies– however with differing degrees of positioning.

“This report showcases the present state of taking a trip for organization– the informative findings reveal the connection in between organization tourists and organization travel supervisors when it pertains to staff member travel options,” stated Suzanne Neufang, CEO, GBTA. “The report likewise reveals chances to enhance interaction on travel policies such as when it concerns decreasing the carbon footprint of travel and expense conserving steps to attain an economically accountable service travel program.”

Secret findings from the research study consist of:

  • THE “ESSENTIAL” IMPORTANCE OF TRAVEL TO ACHIEVE BUSINESS GOALS. Amongst North American company tourists, 87% state service travel is “vital” or “useful” to attaining their organization goals. North American company tourists state they take a trip “more” (39%) or “the very same” (29%) as they did compared to 2019.
  • A FOCUS ON ALLEVIATING STRESS OFTEN ASSOCIATED WITH BUSINESS TRAVEL. Service tourists can experience individual obstacles when taking a trip for work, consisting of being far from household and/or animals (60%) and tension typically related to taking a trip (48%). Travel supervisors state they think about and examine various travel-related stress-relieving benefits for their workers such as allowing late-start days to relieve jet lag (74%) and enabling workers to book airline companies and/or hotels where the worker is qualified for commitment points (68%).
  • SUSTAINABILITY IS TOP OF MIND FOR MANY BUSINESS TRAVELERS. Environmental and sustainability issues continue to encompass organization travel, with 61% of company tourists specifying that restricting or lowering carbon emissions is a concern. There is a detach in between organization tourists and travel supervisors on how sustainability concerns must be focused on. North American travel supervisors state sustainability is a little top priority (27%), if even a concern at all (22%). To toss another variable into the mix, a current study discovered 86% of companies around the world stated they have strategies to increase financial investments in sustainability efforts. Cutting emissions is a growing top priority in those efforts as business check out different methods to diminish their footprint. It's essential to incorporate travel supervisors into business objectives to integrate more sustainability focused policies and efforts into travel programs, motivate no-emission or low-emission transport alternatives and track development towards sustainability objectives.
  • THE MAJORITY OF BUSINESS TRAVELERS USE RIDESHARE. Of those surveyed, 74% of North American service tourists state they a minimum of sometimes utilize a rideshare supplier while on service travel, with 36% reacting they utilize rideshares regularly. In addition, 58% of tourists state they have a company profile with a rideshare supplier when they take a trip for work. Travel supervisors mention enhanced information and reporting, enhanced danger management and responsibility of care, and expense savings as the leading 3 advantages of having a business rideshare account.

“The last couple of years have actually taught business world that the only real constant is modification,” stated Susan Anderson, Global Head of Uber for Business and Business Development at Uber. “At Uber for Business, our company believe that this modification produces a spirit of development. This year, we're seeing companies end up being significantly deliberate with their organization travel policies and choices, while more service tourists are focusing on green options and rideshare alternatives. We eagerly anticipate being an important partner to business as they browse continuous modifications and accept brand-new chances, whether that implies reaching business sustainability objectives or providing their service tourists the very best experience possible.”

Information collection for 2 different online studies of U.S. and Canadian travel supervisors and service tourists happened in between May and June 2023, with 147 travel supervisors and 411 service tourists finishing each study, respectively.

GBTA members can access the total research study report and infographic from the GBTA Member Hub, or check out the Uber for Business site.

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