Home Travel News & Insights The Lebanese market stands out on once again and introduces the very first Aperol beverage made in Lebanon

The Lebanese market stands out on once again and introduces the very first Aperol beverage made in Lebanon

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The Lebanese market stands out on once again and introduces the very first Aperol beverage made in Lebanon

The Lebanese market stands out on once again and introduces the very first Aperol beverage made in Lebanon

A brand-new item, the “Aperitivo beverage” was introduced in the Lebanese market as the very first beverage of its kind to be produced in Lebanon. The launch occasion was held at the Saint-George , Ain El Mreisseh, Beirut, on Tuesday July 04, 2023, in existence of lots of crucial gamers in the market and hospitality sectors, in addition to lots of guests and media agents.

It deserves discussing that amidst the existing crisis, and according to numerous regional and global professionals, the Lebanese market is among the most essential pillars on which the financial healing of Lebanon is based. In this regard, a comprehensive research study and preparation were performed, in order to release this beverage for the very first time in the Lebanese market and promote it. This effort was available in goals of pleasing the considerable growing requirements of the marketplace on this classification of beverages, keeping in mind that such they significantly add to acquiring significant financial revenues for Lebanon, specifically in the hospitality, food and market sectors.

From his end, Raymond Kassatly, production supervisor at Wadih Kassatly, the producing business, showed that: “This item was introduced after performing an extensive research study, which revealed a high need for this classification of items in Lebanon, keeping in mind that Lebanon presently completely imports this classification of beverages”. He even more included that “the business is now looking for to satisfy the requirements of the Lebanese market as much as possible, as there is presently no regional production for it.” He likewise revealed his goals for this drink to acquire substantial need and success in the Lebanese market, keeping in mind that the business will not entirely stop at accomplishing this objective, however will likewise deal with exporting the Aperitivo to numerous nations.

The President of the Association of the Lebanese Industrialists Selim Zeeni, thought about that the market is one of the primary pillars of the economy, highlighting that the association supports all industrialists in all their developments, specifically in the field of food markets. He concluded by pointing out that such efforts hold excellent value, as they produce task chances and limitation importations. These efforts contribute to the revival of the nationwide economy, through increasing items exportations and foreign currencies earnings, at a time when Lebanon is most in requirement.

The brand-new item is called “Aperitivo Caprice d'Orient” and is made from sweet and bitter oranges, understood to be utilized for making Spritz mixed drinks.

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