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Tinubu or Ajala the Traveller?

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Tinubu or Ajala the Traveller?

Tinubu or Ajala the Traveller?

Video game of votes breaks down the news, so you do not need to. Today we speak about Tinubu's most current to Europe and individuals who passed away from going to a wedding in less than 5 minutes.

Last Updated May 17, 2023

In an alternate universe devoid of the claws of commercialism, I ‘d be a tourist. This would suggest flexibility from sapa and to attain this, I prepare to end up being the President of Nigeria due to the fact that it appears like being a traveler belongs to the task description. When President Bubu initially entered workplace in 2015, he made lots of head-turning guarantees that he has actually discovered challenging to satisfy. Among these guarantees was to end medical tourist and as all of us understand, he stopped working.

Similar to the typical expression, “All guys do is lie,” Bubu was no various. He too dey lie. Bubu has actually invested over half a year travelling at various points for medical treatments; much more, he's presently in London for a dental professional visit.

Throughout the 2023 basic elections, lots of Nigerians intended to lastly get a president that would not ghost us for medical expeditions overseas, however it appears like there's something about the Aso Villa that turns you into an Ajala the tourist– world trotting frequently for medical functions.

On March 21, 2023, journalism discovered the news that Nigeria's president-elect, Bola Tinubu, was taking a trip to Europe for healthcare. Tinubu's project and media assistants unmasked the rumours, declaring he went to rest from the election activities, which, to be reasonable, is reasonable. Tinubu lastly went back to Nigeria on April 24, and hardly 3 weeks later on, it's in the news once again that he has actually loaded his bags to continue his expedition of Europe. The factor this time is that the journey abroad is a “working journey” to satisfy financiers and get ready for the inauguration on May 29.

My concern in all of this isn't about Tinubu's possible interest in being a traveler however rather how his administration may be strangely comparable to Buhari's. Nigerians currently have adequate PTSD from Buhari ghosting the nation for months, without us speaking with the Presidency, and the last thing we desire is for condition increasing the 2nd time.

Hotel What else occurred today?

2 Dead After Wedding Ceremony in Kano

On May 11, news broke that 2 individuals were verified dead and 8 were hospitalised after consuming tea at a wedding in Sheka, Kumbotso Local Government Area, Kano State.

The tea is being reported to have actually been prepared with a regional leaf called Zakami and a mix of other drugs. The good news is, the hospitalised victims were successfully dealt with and released to set about their everyday activities.

The representative of the Kano State authorities command, SP Abdullahi Haruna, states that although no official report was made to the police headquarters, a query will be made into the mishap.

Hotel Video of the week

“I will change to Ogogoro”

“I will never ever stop, it's an unavoidable devil”

With the FG set to execute a tax rate boost on alcohols, we checked out a beer parlour to discover how Nigerians felt about this.

This is Episode 7 of Everyday Citizens. Follow us for more! pic.twitter.com/D2iYaCwTcN

— Citizen by Zikoko (@ZikokoCitizen) May 8, 2023

Hotel Concern of the week

On May 22, the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) will mark its 50th anniversary. Do you believe it's time for the program to be ditched?

Hotel Ehen another thing …

Nigerians deal with a number of obstacles every second of the day, from absence of steady electrical energy to traffic jam, or “go sluggish,” as they call it. Have you ever questioned how the term “go sluggish” came to represent traffic blockage? We have the response here.

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