Home Travel News & Insights Unique: Ankit Tiwari exposes he desired KK to sing ‘Sun Raha Hai’; shares how “luck” operated in bagging Aashiqui 2, watch

Unique: Ankit Tiwari exposes he desired KK to sing ‘Sun Raha Hai’; shares how “luck” operated in bagging Aashiqui 2, watch

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Unique: Ankit Tiwari exposes he desired KK to sing ‘Sun Raha Hai’; shares how “luck” operated in bagging Aashiqui 2, watch

Bollywood vocalist and author Ankit Tiwari just recently took a seat for an interview with Bollywood Hungama, where he shared insights about his musical and the extensive effect of the hit movie Aashiqui 2 on his life and profession. Throughout the interview, Tiwari recollected about the early days and exposed an intriguing anecdote. He pointed out that he had actually at first desired popular vocalist KK to provide his voice to the tune'Sun Raha Hai'.

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Special: Ankit Tiwari exposes he desired KK to sing ‘Sun Raha Hai'; shares how “luck” operated in bagging Aashiqui 2, see

His recommendation was fulfilled with an unexpected response from Mahesh Bhatt, the distinguished filmmaker associated with Aashiqui 2He remembered that after a great deal of effort, he got a possibility to satisfy Mahesh Bhatt. Tiwari went on to state that Mr Bhatt asked him to fulfill director Mohit Suri, who was dealing with Aashiqui 2 at that time. Mohit liked the tune'Sun Raha Haihe notified him that the movie's album is done. The director asked the composer-singer to keep him notified in case he provided his work to somebody.

He asserted, “After some 7 months, Mohit has this routine of having all the tunes that have actually been pitched to him, on his phone. He, Aditya and Shraddha were together throughout a drive and they heard my tune. That's where your luck works. I got a call that the group is utilizing my tune in the movie.”

As the discussion advanced even more, he went on to include that throughout the conversation with Mahesh Bhatt, Mohit Suri and other employee, Bhatt asked Tiwari to recommend which vocalist ought to offer a voice for'Sun Raha Hai‘ He remembered, “Bhatt sahab boley, Mohit dekho iss gaane se na agar iski (Ankit Tiwari) awaz hata doge toh gaana ho jaega bekaar. Ye gaana isne banaya hai iskey liye hai isko aise hi rehne do. Iski awaz mat hatao. Phit mujhse kehte hai ki mai regard karta hu tumhari ke tum itna acha gaa rahe ho iskey bavjud chahtey ho ke KK gaaye.”

He concluded by stating that he “really” desired KK to sing Sun Raha Hai Na Tu, however after Mahesh Bhatt's recommendation, Mohit Suri asked Ankit to finish the tune and record it.

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